Sirius Connect Universal Tuner

The Sirius Connect Universal Tuner has remained the most popular model for receiving Sirius satellite radio in a vehicle. Sirius satellite radio, is very popular in the United States and Canada, and many people prefer to listen to its broadcasts in their cars over their daily commutes. Sirius provides more than 120 digital channels of entertainment, and people love to listen to over 60 commercial-free music channels, covering all the genres of English music. The commute is made more enjoyable by listening to Pop, Classical, Rock, Country; to name a few of the genres of music. Sirius also broadcasts news, weather updates and traffic news of the main cities. Entertainment, talk shows and sports form the rest of the channels, which are also very popular. 

Sirius Connect Universal Tuner has a clamshell design and is quite compact in size, measuring around 4 inches in width and 6 inches in depth, with a height of 1 inch. It comes in a convenient package which includes most of the things needed for an easy installation. There is the antenna with a magnetic base, with a cable measuring 21 feet, connecting the tuner with the antenna. An 8 pin interface DIN cable is provided to connect your Sirius-ready radio to the tuner. This cable provides seamless connectivity, and takes care of the power and audio through one connection. This tuner is also compatible with many, SAT radio-ready factory head-units. If you find compatibility to be the issue you can buy separately, special interface cables, that are for particular models of radios. The package also contains the required screws for mounting and also a detachable plate.

Due to its compact size, the Sirius Connect Universal Tuner can be kept hidden from view in your vehicle. The mounting can also be done, with adhesive materials and the tuner can be stuck to any flat surface in the car. The readily mounting option is to fix the supplied plate on a surface which is solid and flat. The tuner then can be attached to this plate with the supplied screws.

Mounting the antenna is very easy, as it just needs to be placed on any metallic part on the roof or the trunk lid of the vehicle. Direct line of sight with the sky has to maintained to get a clear reception of the satellite signal. The connecting cable has to be placed correctly while taking it  through the car door so that it is not damaged with the frequent opening and closing of the car door.

Sirius Connect Universal Tuner is well liked by many users as the unit is compact and gets totally integrated with the car radio. Most of the features like presets and audio settings are fully controllable through the head-unit without any problems. Many people also find the installation very easy and have done so without any professional help. The reception of the Sirius satellite broadcasts are very clear with this tuner and are only disrupted when passing under over head bridges and similar structures.