Sirius Connect Tuner For

The Sirius Connect Tuner for getting Sirius Satellite Radio on your Sirius-ready home AV receivers or home theater systems, is a small but powerful device. The device is built to work with Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready audio equipments. The output of this sophisticated device is in high fidelity RCA Analog and Optical digital audio outputs. Its sleek and compact dimensions makes it easy to place it on a flat surface or mount it on a wall. The main purpose of this device is to receive the famous Sirius Satellite Radio broadcasts on your AV receivers and other compatible audio equipments.

The Sirius Satellite Radio is so popular that many well known audio equipment manufacturers make models that are Sirius-ready. Philips, Onkyo, Sony, Radio Shack and many more companies have Sirius-ready models which are listed in the Sirius manuals. Having more than 120 channels the Sirius Satellite Radio gives you the best in entertainment and news, in your home, office or car. The broadcasts cover the latest sports coverages and news from other sports channels like ESPN. All genres of music keep streaming from its 65 commercial-free music channels. Traffic news and constant weather updates are broadcast for 20 major US cities, and also news from Fox, CNBC and other popular news channels.

The installation and set up of the Sirius Connect Tuner for Sirius-ready devices is very simple and quick. The complete procedure is explained in its user friendly manual and the package comes ready with all the components that are required. This tuner, not being a stand-alone device has to be integrated into a Sirius-ready receiving device. If the receiver you have is not Sirius-ready you can opt for a Wireless Display Controller, that will provide a Sirius user interface between the two devices.

The 8-pin DIN cable that is provided, is used for connecting the Sirius Connect Tuner to your receiver. The power requirements for the tuner will be met with this cable, through your receiver. Some receivers may not be able to give power, and in such a case you will have to use the AC adapter that is also provided. Once connected there is a seamless integration of the two devices and you will be able to see all the information, like name of song and artist, on your receiver itself.

The Sirius Connect Tuner for Sirius-ready AV receivers has an indicator display, which is self diagnostic, and provides information regarding the performance of the tuner. Different color lights indicate different performance situations. A red light which keeps flickering is indicative of the antenna not being connected. When you see a green light which is steady, it means all is well with your tuner, and that it is receiving the radio signals properly. After connecting the antenna if there is an amber light, then that would indicate the absence of a radio signal. 

The Sirius Connect Tuner for Sirius-ready receivers and home theater systems is a solution for getting your Satellite Radio channels, without having to buy new costly audio equipments. The ability of this device to integrate into a compatible system, makes it a very desirable component to have.