Sirius Connect Tuner

If you want to listen to the subscribed Sirius Satellite Radio service you will need the Sirius Connect Tuner. The Sirius Satellite radio has more than 120 channels, to provide you with the best entertainment and news. It has 65 music channels covering a wide range of genres of music. The sports channels cover the NHL and NBA games, and give sports news from ESPN. You will also get news from CNBC, NPR and Fox. For entertainment there is Radio Disney and E! Entertainment Radio.

The Sirius Connect Tuner comes in a package containing, the SCH1 tuner, the window-sill antenna, an AC power adapter, a 21 foot cable, an 8-pin DIN cable and a user manual. With this you can easily install the tuner and have it running in no time. The Sirius Connect Tuner has to be connected to a Sirius, or a Sirius-ready receiver to get the output. This is not a stand-alone device and needs to be integrated with A/V receivers or home theater systems. The device provides seamless and hassle-free integration, with all the Sirius-ready models of various leading companies like Philips, Onkyo, Sony and many more.

The tuner can be placed flat or you can have it wall mounted. To connect the Sirius Connect Tuner to your receiver use the 8-pin DIN cable that is provided. This cable will also provide the power to the tuner through your receiver. If your receiver is unable to transmit power then use the AC power adapter. The tuner is compatible with Sirius-ready and SAT Radio-ready audio devices. Many of the top manufacturers of audio devices, make sure that they have a few models that are Sirius-ready, because of the popularity of the Sirius Satellite Radio. If you happen to have a receiver that is not compatible with the Sirius Connect Tuner, then you will have to separately buy a Wireless Display Controller, which has a Sirius user interface. This controller will connect to the audio input socket in your receiver. There are various other installation kits available in the market that will be compatible for installation of multi-room audio.

After connecting the receiver and the tuner you have to attach the antenna to the tuner, to get the best reception of the Sirius Satellite Radio signal. The window-sill antenna has to be aimed in the right direction, and adjusted in small increments, to get a consistent signal. The Sirius Connect Tuner has indicator lights that will tell you whether you are getting the signal or not. A steady green light indicates that your tuner is set up properly and is receiving the full signal. If it shows an amber light it means your tuner is not receiving any signal. A pulsating red light alerts you, that the antenna has not been connected.

The tuner is now operational and will give a high-fidelity audio output. It has a signal-to-noise ratio of 80 dB. The output of this tuner is of two types, that is the RCA Analog and the Optical digital output.