Sirius Connect Home Tuner SCH1

The Sirius Connect Home Tuner SCH1 is not a stand-alone device. It has to be connected to Sirius or Sirius-ready receivers. The tuner will enable you to receive Sirius Satellite Radio which has more than 120 channels featuring music, sports, entertainment and news. From commercial free stations to regular weather and traffic updates, and music of different genres, this satellite radio station has it all, and you can access this through a paid subscription.

The SCH1 tuner is a compact device measuring 3 and 5/8th inches in length, and 2 and 5/8th inches in width. It stands at a height of 1 and 3/16th inches. Wall mounting is possible or can be laid flat, or mounting on a vertical panel of an equipment cabinet. You can mount the device by using two #10 screws, spaced 1and ¼ inches apart, at the bottom of the tuner. The device needs to be connected to Sirius A/V receivers or home theater systems to enjoy the satellite radio stations. It can also be seamlessly integrated into systems which are Sirius-ready, or to SAT Radio-ready audio devices.  Leading manufacturers of audio equipments like Philips, Sony, Onkyo and many more, make many models of their AV receivers, radios and audio systems to be Sirius-ready.

The tuner is easy to install as everything is provided in the package. A complete user manual will guide you through the steps of installing the various components that are there in the package. There is an Indoor/Outdoor antenna, that has to be connected to the tuner with a 21 foot cable, which is supplied.  An 8-pin DIN connector cable will let you connect the tuner, to your receiver. This cable will supply the power through your receiver to the tuner. Some receivers are not built to do so, and for such contingencies an AC power adapter is also given to supply power to the tuner.

High fidelity RCA Analog and optical digital audio output is possible with the SCH1 tuner. The supplied connecting cable, that connects the tuner with a Sirius-ready receiver, will let you control the tuner through this receiver. The receiver will also be able to display the title of the song that is being played and other information like artist name and so on. On the tuner itself, there are light indicators that will alert you to the level of performance of the tuner. When the tuner is working in its peak efficiency there will be a steady green light. A flickering red light will alert you to the fact that the antenna is not connected. When you do not receive a signal, even with the antenna, then the indicator light will turn amber.

If you are having a receiver which is not Sirius-ready then you can go in for a Wireless Display Controller along with the SCH1 tuner. This optional controller has a Sirius user interface, which will let you connect your non-Sirius-ready receiver with the tuner, provided your receiver has an audio input socket.