Sirius Connect Home Tuner

The SCH1 Sirius Connect Home Tuner is a sleek device which will seamlessly integrate into your Sirius-ready home audio system. With this device you will be able to add satellite music and programming of Sirius Satellite Radio, to your Sirius A/V receivers and home theater systems. The signal-to-noise ratio of the radio tuner is 80 dB. It will also work with a SAT Radio-ready audio device. Sony, Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer, Philips, Radio Shack, Rotel, Xantech, Crestron, AMX, Yamaha and Denon are some of the leading manufacturers which produce, AV receivers, radios and multi-room audio systems which are Sirius-ready.

The SCH1 gives a high fidelity audio output in RCA Analog and in optical digital. The device measures only 4 inches by 3 inches and can be placed flat or can be mounted on the wall. The seamless integrity which it offers with its one cable connection, makes it a desirable component, for your A/V receivers and home theater systems. This connection cable will let you control the tuner through your receiver. The receiver will also be able to display information like the title of the song and name of artist and so on. The product comes ready with everything that you need for a quick home installation. It has the Indoor/Outdoor Antenna with a 21 foot cable, and a mini 8-pin DIN connector cable, with a AC power adapter and a user manual.

The tuner can be powered in two ways. The Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready receivers can provide the power to the tuner through the 8-pin DIN cable, which is supplied in the package. If the receiver is unable to do so, then the supplied AC adapter has to be used to power the tuner.

The Sirius Connect Home Tuner has indicators which displays the status of the power and strength of signal, to keep you informed about its performance. A steady red light indicates the initial power-on status. If your antenna is not connected to your tuner the red light will start flashing. A steady Amber light indicates that although the antenna is connected, it is not receiving any signal. A steady green light is a sign that your tuner is properly functioning with a good signal strength.

The tuner has compatibility with the Sirius signal distribution systems, using the Sirius RG6 coax cable. You can also opt for a Wireless Display Controller, with this device. This optional controller is useful when connecting to your existing non-Sirius-ready receiver, as it provides a Sirius user interface. Audio input should be available on the receiver you want to connect to. There are also professional installation kits available for compatibility with multi-room audio.

The Sirius Connect Home Tuner lets you receive Sirius Satellite Radio, which has over 120 channels of entertainment and music. 65 of these channels are commercial free, and there are channels which report continuous local weather updates and traffic reports for 20 major U.S. Cities. You need a paid subscription account to enjoy this satellite radio.