Siris Satellite Radio

The Siris Satellite Radio service started broadcasting in 2002, and has been gaining in popularity ever since. Siris Satellite Radio service covers the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast. It has put three powerful satellites into geo-stationary orbits over the United States, that are able to transmit high quality digital signals which will give you excellent CD quality sound on your radio. The radio service has very rich programming content that has been appreciated by many people across United States. It offers 130 channels of commercial-free programs, round the clock.

Siris has signed exclusive deals with the top personalities in entertainment, to give you exclusive programs. In 2004 Siris signed a $100 million a year deal with Howard Stern. The Howard Stern Show is very popular and also controversial, as the “shock Jock” uses explicit language to convey his points. For their music channels they have reached extensive deals with Martha Stewart, the E Street Band member Steven Van Zandit, Jimmy Buffett and Eminem to produce streams or even entire channels on Siris. Siris has 65 music channels which has categories like Rock, Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, Jazz/Blues, Latin, Dance, Classical and many more. These categories are further divided into channels for various sub-sections. Under the Rock category itself there are 22 channels playing sub-genres of Rock music. There is also a good amount of information given about the song being played, by the team of experienced Disk Jockeys that Siris has employed.

The Sport channels on Siris Satellite Radio service provide extensive coverage of all the popular games in United States. The hosts also are famous personalities from the same sport they are commenting on. Among the hosts, there is Lance Armstrong who is the Tour de France champion, Bill Walton who is of NBA Hall of Fame, Scott Ferrall a popular sports show host, John Hanson a fantasy football expert and many more. The Sport channels cover all games of NBA, NFL, NHL, Soccer, Horse Racing, NASCAR, and many more sports events locally and news from around the world on sports.

The news channels have extensive coverage of the important events happening locally, in the country and around the world. Famous channels like Fox news and CNBC give you the best and latest happenings in the world. There is an exclusive channel for only Financial news and has all the expert discussions on the topic. The news channels also give regular weather updates and news of  traffic of 20 major US cities.

There is entertainment for all age groups on Siris radio channels. There is Disney, E! Entertainment, famous talk shows, morning shows, debates and the latest in entertainment.
You can listen to Siris Satellite Radio service on the Siris Satellite Radio, which come in various models and designs. There are popular models that are used in homes, and there are models for vehicles and boats. The latest Siris Satellite Radio models are very compact are portable in nature. These models are becoming very popular among the people and although small in size they have all the advanced features and controls.