Shortwave Radio Tuner

A tuner is a device that separates the different frequencies, that are received by the antenna, and “tunes in” the one that needs to be converted to audio. A Shortwave Radio Tuner is able to operate in the frequency range of 3000 Khz to 30,000 Khz. The word “shortwave” denotes the wavelength of a frequency. Here as the name suggests the wavelengths are shorter and is considered a higher frequency. Also, HF (high frequency) radio is another name for shortwave radio. 

Shortwave bands for long distance communication was discovered by Amateur radio operators, and since then this has been increasingly used for communication and broadcasts. Shortwave frequencies are reflected by the ionosphere and hence are capable of reaching any location on the Earth. One needs to only select the correct frequency needed to reach a target area, and that depends on factors like distance, time of day, seasons and solar activity.

Shortwave Radio Tuners are used all over the world for receiving international radio broadcasts and domestic broadcasts in countries with widely dispersed population. The tuners are also used in receiving specialty political, religious and conspiracy theory radio networks, individual commercial, and non-commercial paid broadcasts in North America and other areas. The Mark III Shortwave Tuner was used in World War I, by the British to receive morse code signals, from planes flying above the battlefields of the western front.

The Short Wave Radio Tuner is now a device that is built into a shortwave radio receiver. With advancement of technology the Short Wave Radio Tuner also has evolved into a more sophisticated device. For example the Grundig Satellit 800 AM/FM Shortwave radio has an excellent Shortwave Radio Tuner with a frequency coverage of 100 to 30,000 KHz. The radio has a 6 x 3.5 inch multi-fuction LCD panel displaying the radio's functions and tuning parameters. The display is able to offer a 100 Hertz accuracy on the Shortwave bands. There is also an analog signal strength meter, that helps you to achieve better tuning accuracy.

The Shortwave Radio Tuner in the Grundig 800 gives you a number of tuning options. There is the standard variable-rate tuning knob, that you turn gradually to get your shortwave radio station. There are also up/down arrow buttons to do the same job, of scanning the frequencies. There is a unique keypad below the LCD screen that allows you to directly enter your shortwave band of choice, so that you have instant access to your favourite shortwave stations. The tuner also offers a programmable memory scan. There is also the facility of fine tunning, by which once you have locked on to the desired station you can tweak the sound quality with separate bass and treble tone controls.

The Shortwave Radio Tuner is now also available as a software program, that allows you to receive shortwave radio channels on your computer, over the internet. There are many such tuners available on the internet, of which some are free and for some you have to pay.