Set Up TV Tuner

A TV Tuner is usually a component in a computer that will allow television signals to be received. The device is in the form of a card, and the TV signal can be directly received without any external tuning equipment. A TV tuner, comes in two different designs; one that is a simple tuner-only device that displays TV and the other is a version which also offers Teletext decoding. You can display the TV images on a separate monitor also, if your TV Tuner allows a composite video input. Usually it will show the images in a desktop window using the video digitiser. There are connectors at the back of a TV Tuner card which are suitable for composite video, audio and RGB. The TV tuner card if it is not already installed on your computer and you are purchasing it separately, then you need to know the compatibility and the required additional software for a effective installation.

You can Set Up TV Tuner, if your computer already has the card and will also depend on the model of your computer and the card. In a HP TouchSmart PC you can watch and record live TV programs using Windows Media Center, if the computer has a TV tuner card.  The menus of Widows Media Center can be controlled by the remote control, touch screen, keyboard or the mouse. To receive the TV signal you will have to connect your computer to a TV signal source. This can be a TV antenna or the TV cable provider. The coaxial cable from the TV signal source should be used with a TV tuner isolator or adapter, which prevents damages caused by power surges.

You can connect the coaxial cable from the TV signal source, to the TV In connector on the back of your computer. You can also connect via S-Video cable to the S-Video In, connector at the back of your computer. The other end of the cable will go to the antenna or into your set-top box. S-video cable will also need the connecting audio cable from the set-top box to the Audio Line In, connector  on the back of your computer. You will need a Y cable to combine the RCA left and right channels. If you need to use the remote control, then you will have to connect the IR emitter cable to the IR emitter connector on the back of the computer. After the connection you will have to point the remote control at your computer and not the set-top box.

After all the connections are made with the proper cables you have to complete the Windows Media Center Set Up screens. To do this click on the Start button, and All Programs. Then click on Widows Media Center. In Widows Media Center go to the Tasks menu. Here select Settings, General and then click on Windows Media Center Setup. After this you will see on-screen instructions for TV Tuner Set Up, which are quite simple to follow. You will also have access to the Windows Media Center TV program guide.