Serius Tuner

A Serius Tuner is a device that will “tune into” the Serius Satellite Radio service. Serius Tuner models come in different designs, that are made to receive the radio service at home, in a vehicle or on a boat. The Serius Satellite Radio service is very popular in United States and people do not mind paying the monthly subscription fee to receive this service on their radios. There are more than 120 channels of commercial-free entertainment, available with a digital sound output. As the radio service is very popular, famous companies manufacture many types of models of the Serius Tuner. The Serius Tuner can be a built-in device of a Serius radio or a device that can be connected to your existing receiver or head unit. The receiver has to be compatible with the tuner and should be Serius-ready or SAT Radio-ready.

With the advancement in technology, the Serius Tuner also has undergone many changes and has become equipped with more features and controls. Serius Satellite Radio is able to transmit data along with the sound signals and this the Serius Tuner is able to display on the receiver's screen. You can get information like the channel number, channel name, channel category, song title, artist name, name of the sport team and many such metadata. The Serius Tuner is capable of seamlessly integrating with your compatible receiver or home theater system. A single connecting cable which is supplied will take care of the power, transfer of audio and controls of the tuner. You will be able to totally control the tuner from your receiver. You can scan channels by category or number or you can tune them directly with the numeric pad on your receiver. The Serius Tuner is usually sold as a complete package and you will find everything that is required for the installation. You will get all the connecting cables and the Serius antenna. The antenna is an important component, and should be positioned in clear line of vision of the sky, to be able to pick up the satellite signals and transfer it to the tuner.

The Serius Tuner for a vehicle is compact in dimension and has an equally small antenna. This tuner can easily be mounted in your vehicle and the antenna placed on the roof or on the trunk on the vehicle. The antenna will come with a strong magnetic base, and can be placed on the metallic part of the car. Some Serius Tuners for vehicles come equipped with a FM transmitter which will transmit the Serius broadcast on to your in-dash FM stereo, on an unused FM frequency. This way you do not have the hassel of any connecting wires.

Now many companies are manufacturing Serius Tuners which are plug-and-play devices. This makes the tuner portable and you can take it from your vehicle and use it in your home. You will have to install docking units at both the places for the tuner to work. The main advantage of this type of tuner is that you will have to pay only one subscription fee, even though you are listening to the radio service on two different receivers and in two different locations.