SERIUS radio is creating waves due to its totally advertisement-free music, news and traffic updates. Such a kind of experience is unique for all listeners as they can enjoy their favorite track smoothly at a stretch. SERIUS offers lots of choices for its users when it comes to buying a radio set.

These are few of the much-liked pieces of SERIUS radio:

§ Sportster 5: This is a plug and play model having a color screen and sixty minutes of storage capacity.

§ Sirius Stiletto 100:  This is the earliest portable model of SERIUS radio that lets the subscribers listen to real-time SIRIUS programming. The Stiletto has a 2 GB memory that almost equals to a hundred hours of recording duration. Its battery life is around thirty hours.

      Stiletto comes with a Wi-Fi technology that is employed as an alternative for streaming music from the Internet when you don’t have clarity in the signals received from the antenna. SERIUS’ association with Napster and Yahoo! Music offer extra data for Stiletto listeners.

§ SIRIUS Stiletto 10: This model is similar to the Stiletto 100 but without some features such as Wi-Fi and MP3/ WMA play back. Moreover, it has only 256 MB of storage capacity that implies just ten hours of SERIUS programming. Besides this, only Stiletto 10 features Artist and Song Seek that is not found in other models. This function does the job of keeping a track on your much-loved performers and songs that you wish to listen to and alert you when anyone of them is being broadcasted on another station.

§ SIRIUS Stileto 2: This is the latest kid on the SERIUS radio model block. It is sleeker and an enhanced avatar of the Stiletto 100. It has a microSD slot at the rear of the battery for saving MP3/WMA files and playlists other than SIRIUS content. The Wi-Fi support is extended to manage WPA and WPA2 (non-enterprise version) with passwords.

§ Sportster 3: It is known as the foremost radio to use the latest worldwide dock station.

§ SERIUS S50: The S50 is the earliest portable radio model. Of course, it is not a LIVE portable radio and requires plugging in to a home or car dock where you can download songs or any other content for listening after a while. This radio is not freely available now due to some legality involved.

§ SIRIUS Starmate- ST1 model for United States and ST1C for Canada.

§ Tivoli’s Serius Table radio set

§ Sirius Sportster Exe. Porting Hub Pack

§ Sirrus Starmate Re-play model

§ Sirus Sportster Model with Boom box Combo

§ Radio clubbed along Car/ Home systems for Kenwood

§ Clarion’s Calypso model for SERIUS Radio with Car Pack

§ XACT XTR1 Radio with Car box

§ Sirrus Connect suited to Pioneer

Anybody would get confused while deciding which radio to buy from the above list. Ensure that you go for such a model that suits your purpose well and is compatible in the place you wish to use it.