Satellite radio is used to transmit audio signal from satellite to the receiver placed on the ground, these signals are digitally processed signals. When you switch on your radio there is a connection established between the satellite and your radio receiver. Once you choose to change the radio channel, then your tuner sends the signal to the antenna and that antenna transmits the signal to the satellite. Now satellite receives the signal and it decodes the signal, the request is then processed and the request signal is transmitted to the earth based station. This signal is digital signal; the ground based station then receives the signal through its antenna. This antenna then reduces the noise and interference and then transfers this signal to the receiver part where the signal strength from 2.3GHz is reduced to 1.4GHz. Now the signal is passed to digital to analog converter where the digital signal is converted to analog signal, this analog signal is the sound that you hear. The Sirius satellite radio receiver provides you clear sound with the best of the coverage in the U.S.
The Sirius satellite radio is one of the most famous radios available in the U.S. its rival competitor is XM radio. They both have nearly the same type of plans available for the people in U.S. They provide lucrative offers to attract customers. The Sirius satellite radio is one of the best due to its quality of service and its intelligent satellite constellation. The satellites are placed in such a way that there is always one satellite available for one country. Each satellite must spend maximum time possible at a country and after that another satellite must replace it. These satellites are of the type of SS-L-1300. If there is any type of failure in any of the satellites then there is another satellite which is launched immediately to replace the damaged satellite. So the Sirius satellite radio keeps running without any interruption, the Sirius satellite radio have the plans of using Geo satellites also for future use.
When you plan to buy Sirius satellite radio you can buy it for a life time activation costing ~ $14.99 and then monthly rental of  ~ $19.99 would provide you hundreds of channels with best sound clarity and long range coverage. The Sirius satellite radio is available on the internet also, if you have a laptop or desktop you can listen to it and enjoy the facility of recording songs with their name, genre, artist, etc. suppose if you do not have a satellite radio receiver then you can still listen to Sirius satellite radio on your normal radio receiver. The Sirius satellite radio provides you a tuner that would allow you to listen to satellite radio on your normal FM receiver, home music system and virtually any where you travel. These tuners are available from other third party companies also such as Kenwood, Panasonic, etc.
The Sirius satellite radio has introduced new backseat TV where you can enjoy watching TV on the back seat of your car and the ones in the front seat can listen to the Sirius radio. This required a lot of co-operation by many car companies such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, etc. They included a receiver which would receive the Sirius satellite radio directly from the satellite and play the songs clearly and without any interference. There is a rumor that XM and Sirius satellite radio are going to form a new satellite radio company.