SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner

Sirius Satellite radio service covers the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast. Sirius have put three powerful satellites in geo-stationery orbit above the United States. This lets you enjoy this excellent radio service, in your home, vehicle or on a boat. You can access it as long as the antenna is pointed to the sky without obstruction, and in certain urban areas there are terrestrial signal boosters or repeaters also installed. Sirius Satellite Radio are one of the best providers of radio entertainment. There are more than 120 channels of commercial-free programs, and there is something for all age groups. The channels comprise of the best selection of music, sports, news and entertainment. 65 channels comprise the music line-up and play streams of almost all genres. You will be able to listen to all your favourite games and scores updates, with the excellent coverage by the sport channels. All the main games of NBA, NASCAR, NHL, NFL, Soccer and many more are covered. The news channels give the local, international and financial news, with popular channels like Fox and CNBC. There is entertainment for everybody, and the channels include Disney, E! Entertainment, Oprah radio, Health and Family and many more.

The Sirius Satellite Radio service is an excellent companion in your vehicle. It will keep you entertained as well as informed about the weather and traffic conditions. To receive this service in your vehicle the best tuner is the SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner. This tuner is compatible with many models of aftermarket and OEM radios, when you connect them with a SiriusConnect adapter which is sold separately. The tuner also integrates well with select factory audio system. Any of these head units should be Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready for the tuner to work.

The SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner, is very compact, and measures only 3-7/16 inches in width, 1-3/8 inches in height and 5-3/4 inches in depth. The tuner can easily be mounted in your vehicle with the metal mounting plate that is attached to it. The holes for the screws are all pre-drilled and you just have to screw the tuner in the desired place. You can also remove the mounting plate and fix the tuner on a flat surface with velcro or any adhesive material. Once fixed in place you have to connect the tuner to your head unit with the supplied 63 inches long, 8-pin DIN cable. This cable integrates power, audio and the controls through one connection.

The SCC1 Sirius Connect Universal Tuner, has a supplied antenna which is very small and measures 1.605 inches wide, 0.505 inches in height and is only 2.005 inches deep. This antenna has a powerful magnetic base and has a 21 foot long connecting cable. The antenna can just be placed on the flat metallic portion of your car, on the roof or on the trunk lid. The antenna should be in direct line of sight of the sky, without any obstructions like the roof rack or any other object.