Satellite Tuners

A tuner is a device which can separate the different signals that it receives through its antenna and pick the one that is required. A satellite tuner basically does the same thing, only difference is that it receives satellite signals. A satellite tuner can be designed to receive either satellite radio signals or satellite TV signals. After satellite technology was available, lots of radio and TV broadcasting companies have invested in this mode of broadcasting as it is able to cover a huge area and they can have a huge subscriber base. Surprisingly, while most of the satellite radio services charge fees, the TV channels in many places are available for free. The satellite tuner is able to receive the digital broadcasts and you can enjoy high fidelity audio or high definition video.

Satellite tuners either are built-in devices in radios or TV sets, or can be a separate unit, that has to be attached to your receiver. Among the many satellite tuners, it used to be difficult to find a stand-alone DTV tuner. There are many people in America who own high-definition monitors, but are not able to receive the free digital broadcasts, because of the absence of the outboard satellite tuner. Now a Korean company Humax is manufacturing just this type of satellite tuner. The Humax HFA 100 Digital Tuner, is able to receive these free broadcasts on to your high-definition sets. The Humax satellite tuner, is a compact device measuring 12 inches in width and is only 2.5 inches high, and comes in a silver and black color combination. The front panel has all the basic controls, and the rear has the S-video, component outputs and RGB and HDMI jacks. The tuner comes with a full featured remote.

The Humax satellite tuner is able to provide a signal in the normal formats like 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i. You can select the format you prefer, with a button on the front panel. The tuner also gives the basic aspect-ratio control, which allows you to watch a 4:3 broadcast on a 16:9 screen. The “custom stretch” feature will keep the center of the image intact, while stretching the edges. The tuner has a simple set-up and the installation menu will guide you through most of the basic settings like time zone, menu language and so on. The channel scan is the main part, and this tuner is able to search and memorize the digital signals, that are available. Depending on your location and the type of antenna you will receive the maximum amount of channels that are available, with this tuner. The HFA 100 offers customization of the banner, and you can set a password to restrict access to programming. You can also change the caption font size, color and so on. The info button on the remote will provide the information about the type of signal you are watching and other similar information.

The satellite tuners for radios are either built-in devices in your satellite radio or you can purchase a separate unit to connect to your SAT Radio-ready receiver.