Satellite Radio Tuners

There are various satellite radio tuners from which you can choose from if you are thinking about purchasing one. The specifications that are available give customers a wide range which will satisfy every taste.
The Audiovox SIRPNP2 is a plug and play radio that allows you constant streaming of over 100 channels with a clear sound quality. This tuner has amongst its outstanding features a 20 inbuilt song memory for artistes and the titles of the music being played. It also has a head mode, which basically allows you to hear what other radio streams are playing without the interruption of programs currently playing.
The Panasonic CR-SRT 100 Sirius Satellite tuner enables you to organize the channels by either numbers or by category and can also store up to 18 of your most favorite channels in a preset mode. Information about the station can be displayed on the receiver’s readout.
A versatile package can be purchased through the Kenwood System-H2EC radio kit. Through subscription to Sirius, one can enjoy the numerous programs that are transmitted by the company in the comfort of your car. Apart from this, it also gives you a car docking kit as part of the package, and Kenwood’s compact KTC-H2E to ensure that you enjoy the superior quality of music being transmitted.
Some receivers don’t offer satellite radio controls, and to solve this problem, the Panasonic CR-SRF 100 Sirius satellite radio tuner package will allow you to add Sirius radio to any receiver that uses the FM bandwidth. This will make you have a greater variety of radio stations to choose from as you would have added over 100 channels to your receiver.
An LCD display screen on the ClarionDSC920S tuner, contains function controls buttons, giving you the ability to select and also display information on the various channels offered. For those familiar with the Clarion in-dash receiver, its absence should not deter you from enjoying its services as this tuner can also be converted into a stand-alone unit.
Some tuners are portable, in that you can use them both on your car and also in your home stereo. The XM commander is such a kind, allowing endless entertainment through receiving and playing of over 100 channels straight into your existing dashboard.
There are tuners which are ultra-compact and have been tailor made to fit into vehicles. Because of this quality, the large screen display present gives longer artists viewing, names and also the titles of the songs which may be up to 5 lines of text. It also has a plug and play unit, which also comprises of a 44 minute replay time.
A sleek and petite design can be found in the Polk Audio XRT 12 XM satellite radio tuner which can be used for audio and home theater systems. Buttons control the menu display, memory of the tuner itself and display and enter functions. It has a large monochrome display, with buttons that give you the same functions as remotes.