Satellite Radio Tuner For Pioneer

Many well known companies manufacture satellite radio tuners, as satellite radio service has become extremely popular all over the world. Pioneer is a famous company that manufactures audio equipment, and makes different models of satellite radio tuners. Pioneer manufactures satellite radio tuners for XM as well as for Sirius Satellite Radio. 
A Satellite Radio Tuner For Pioneer is the Inno, which is the size of an ipod. It is able to receive XM satellite radio, and is considered to be the most portable satellite radio tuner. It measures only 2.2 inches wide, 3.7 inches tall, and just 0.6 inch deep. This device lets you listen to live radio as well as stored content of 1GB. The interface is quite easy to master, and it has a recording capability, where you can record any song playing on the XM channels live. You can also schedule a recording with this tuner. The tuner has a brushed metal finish, and has a color screen measuring 1.67 inches diagonally. The screen can display clear and bright graphics, when a XM channel is being played. The button layout is simple with buttons like mode, play/pause, and Disp. Below these buttons is the directional pad. There is pleasing blue back-light when the tuner is playing, and this makes it easy to handle in the dark. The right side of the tuner contains hold/power and volume switches, with a short and fat antenna protruding from the upper left corner.

The Sirius Sportster 4, is a Satellite Radio Tuner for Pioneer head units in vehicles. This tuner can receive Sirius Satellite Radio and is especially made for the sports fan. This too is a plug and play tuner and can be moved from car to car. It has the Game Alert function, which will let you flag an upcoming game or a team. Once you have done that the tuner will alert you when the game is about to begin, or when your team is about to play. It will also show on its screen the updated score when your team has scored a point. The Game Zone function of this tuner will list all the scores of your favourite team, on the screen.

The Sporster 4, has a large display screen and you can preset 30 of your favourite channels. A turning knob and the large size of preset buttons make it very easy to operate while driving. The tuner has a FM transmitter that will transmit the broadcast signals to your in-dash stereo system, and this makes the tuner very easy to install. The tuner comes with a small remote control, a power adapter, an antenna and a vehicle dock with different options for mounting it in your car. Another important feature of this tuner, is a built-in memory buffer. This will enable you to pause, rewind and replay live radio, of up to 44 minutes. There is also a jump button that lets you instantly tune into any, one channel that you prefer. This can be anything from weather updates to local traffic news.