Satellite Radio Tuner Module

A Satellite Radio Tuner Module will let you receive a satellite radio service on to your receiver or home theater system. Satellite radio has become very popular, and people prefer to listen to these broadcast, in comparison to AM/FM radio stations. The satellite radio service has a much bigger coverage, and can broadcast their service to a whole country or continent. They have an excellent line-up of programs, that are available on paying a monthly subscription fee. People do not mind paying, as they get high quality entertainment in high fidelity digital sound. In the United States there are XM and Sirius, satellite radio services that are available from coast to coast. You need to choose between the two, before you plan to buy the Satellite Radio Tuner Module, as each tuner is designed to receive only one satellite service.

There are many models available of Satellite Radio Tuner Modules, for XM as well as Sirius. Both these radio services have more than 100 channels of commercial-free entertainment. XM has around 170 channels and Sirius has got around 130. Both these services have channels that cover music, news, sports and entertainment. There are popular talk shows, programs by well-known personalities and informative channels. Half of the number of channels are devoted to music of almost all genres. There is a wide coverage of the popular sports of US, like NBA, NFL, NASCAR, Soccer and many more. The popular channels like Fox and CNBC broadcast local, world and financial news. There are frequent weather updates and also traffic news.

For people wanting to receive XM radio there is the Alpine TUAT020XM Satellite Radio Tuner Module. This module is compatible with six models of Alpine head-units, which are CDA-7873, CDA-7875, CDA-7876, CDA-7977, CDA-7878 and CVA-1003 Mobile Multimedia Station. This tuner module has an Ai-Net interface and decodes the XM broadcast signals. It is able to receive 100 channels, through the XM antenna which you will have to purchase separately. You will be able to control the module through your receiver, and also be able to get XM related information on the display of your head unit. If you need to use an external CD changer, you can daisy chain the two devices together. The module is quite compact and has a width of 7.8 inches, a height of 1.4 inches and a depth of 6.3 inches, and weighs only 5 lbs. The package will include the power cable and the AiNet cable.

The DAS-SIRIUS is a Satellite Radio Tuner Module for Sirius broadcasts, and you can add all the channels to your system supporting Tango. You can add up to 2 modules for each controller so that you can hear Sirius radio channels on any audio zone. This module is useful wherever a large variety of music selection is to be heard and controlled in multiple zones simultaneously. The Sirius Satellite Radio Tuner Module will integrate into a Tango Controller without taking up additional rack space. The module is able to display song metadata and other Sirius information on the controller's display.