Satellite Radio Tuner

The Satellite Radio Tuner is capable of fully integrating itself, with your receiver of home theater system. This will let you enjoy satellite radio service on your receiver, stereo, home theater system or the head unit of your car. Before you purchase a Satellite Radio Tuner you should decide which Satellite Radio service you want to subscribe for. There are two major ones in the United States, XM and Sirius. Both the services provide excellent programs and entertainment. You will receive more than 120 channels comprising of music, sports, entertainment and news. A Satellite Radio Tuner is able to receive broadcast of only one service.

The Satellite Radio Tuner can be installed at home, with your existing receiver or home theater system, which is SAT Radio-ready. If your receiver is compatible then the Satellite Radio Tuner will seamlessly integrate into your audio system. Home tuner models come in various sizes and can be placed along with your other audio equipment. Certain models are compact and can be mounted on the wall or on the panel of your audio cabinet. All the things needed for a effective installation is provided with the tuner. A home Satellite Radio Tuner is easy and quick to install. There is a supplied connecting cable, which will connect the tuner to your receiver. This single cable is usually able to meet the power requirements, and also transfer the audio and controls to the receiver. If the power requirements is not met through your receiver, then a separate AC adapter is also provided. The connection should let you control the tuner through your receiver's control panel. Also all the Satellite radio service info should be displayed on your receiver's display screen. The antenna is an important component for receiving the satellite signal. The antenna is connected to the tuner with the supplied cable and is usually of the correct length. An extra extension cable is also available separately. The antenna should be mounted on the roof or on the window sill. It should be in direct line of sight of the sky without any obstructions, as the satellites are in geo-stationary orbits above. The direction of the antenna will be according to your location and the satellite radio service you have subscribed. You can get the optimum position by seeing the bar graph of the signal strength on the display.

In a vehicle the Satellite Radio Tuner can be connected to your factory head unit or to the in-dash stereo. The vehicle tuner is usually compact in size and will come with a mounting plate or arm. Here too you have to connect the tuner to your receiver with the cable supplied. Some tuners come with and FM transmitter which will transmit the satellite radio channels over an unused FM frequency on to your FM receiver. Here the connection will be totally wireless. The antenna of a vehicle Satellite Radio Tuner is also very small and usually will have a strong magnetic base, so that you can mount it on any flat metallic surface. The antenna is to be mounted on the roof or if you have a convertible, you can mount it on the trunk lid of your car.