Satellite Radio Tuner – 3

Satellite radio has come to stay and is increasing in popularity, as days go by. A satellite radio service uses satellite technology to transmit the programs that they are offering. These are usually, major radio companies who broadcast the best line-up of programs. They will be broadcasting more than 100 channels comprising of music, entertainment, news and sports. Their broadcasts are of top quality and very popular and therefore they are able to invest in a costly technology like satellites. These radio companies charge a monthly subscription fee to their customers, for the top programming that they are able to provide. The customer is quite willing to part with this fee, as he gets the best entertainment which is commercial-free.

A person wanting to listen to a satellite radio service, must have a satellite radio tuner, which is able to receive the signals of that particular service. Due to the popularity of satellite radio, many audio equipment manufacturing companies make various models of satellite radio tuners. The satellite radio tuner is built according to the place that it is going to be used. There are tuner models for home use, for use in a vehicle and in a boat. A satellite radio tuner is sold as a kit, which comprises of the tuner, an antenna, connecting cables and other required accessories for an effective installation. The satellite radio tuner will be compatible with a receiver which is SAT Radio-ready. The tuner can also be connected to AV receivers and home theater systems. You need to check the compatibility of your receiver with the tuner that you are planning to buy.

If the satellite radio tuner is compatible with your receiver, then it can be seamlessly integrated into your system. This means that the power requirements and the controls can be from your receiver itself. Usually the connecting cable will supply the tuner with power, coming through your receiver. If your receiver does not have this capability then a separate AC adapter is provided. Usually the tuner will not have any controls on itself, but you can control it through your receiver's control panel. You can search and scan for channels, preset your favourite channels and much more through the controls on your receiver. The satellite radio tuner will also provide you with information on the display screen of your receiver. You will see the channel number, channel name, category, song title, artist name and so on. The satellite radio tuner has to be connected to the provided antenna, so that it can receive the satellite signals. The best place to install the antenna is on the roof or on the window sill. It should have a clear line of vision of the sky without any obstructions.

If you are installing a satellite radio tuner in your vehicle, then the antenna will be fitted on the roof or the trunk lid of your vehicle. The antenna for a vehicle will usually have a strong magnetic base, and you just need to place it on a flat metallic surface.