The satellite radio tuner is nothing but a device that can help to listen to the audio signal digitally broadcasted by the satellite on your home stereo system and on your FM receiver. This device is used if you do not have a receiver. A typical receiver is the one that can receive the transmitted audio signal from the satellite and decode the signal. This decoded signal is then converted from digital to analog and then presented as output. The receiver can be used to send the request also; it can send and receive the audio signal and can play them. The work of the satellite radio tuner is to receive the signal and decode it. This signal is then transmitted to your normal receiver or your stereo system. When you attach this device to your system then you can receive the audio signals from the satellite directly and they will sound as clear as in a satellite radio receiver. ARM7TDMI and ARM946E-S are chips embedded on the microprocessor which uses the IP cores. Every baseband is identified by its unique serial number provided by the manufacturer.

The tuner is otherwise known as ASIC. The satellite radio tuner is used to connect the receiver to the antenna and receive the signals from the satellite situated in its orbit. The speed at which the signal is transmitted is at 2.3 GHz if in major cities and up to 1.4 GHz in other cities and towns.
This signal is further converted into a frequency signal between 70 MHz to 80 MHz and this signal has strength ranging from 40-50dB when the weather conditions are good. These IF signals are then transmitted to the STA240 which performs the operations such as converting to digital format, demodulating the signal, correction in error, decrypting the code and de-interleave. This is performed by the special circuits present on the chip made for such specific calculations only. It uses a SDRAM of size 16 MB, so that the signal which is transmitted by the satellite is buffered to the right time coincidence. This allows you to pause your live radio at any instance of given time.

There is a serial peripheral interface which is used to transmit the audio signal and is then transmitted to a digital to analog converter in order to provide the analog audio signal. This is then transmitted to the receiver which then transmits the signal as the output.
There are many companies which offer satellite radio tuner which is compatible to XM or Sirius radio. These companies are the best in the business of satellite radio. If you have a satellite radio tuner then you can access the satellite radio anywhere in your vehicle or at your home. Satellite radios have a clear transmission better than the conventional FM radio. They have longer range of transmission and they have better signal strength. Satellite radio tuner has only one disadvantage that you cannot access more than one satellite radio at a time.