Satellite Radio Superstore

Satellite Radio Superstore is one of the top 3 independent satellite radio retailers in United States. Satellite Radio Superstore has been selling and supporting XM and Sirius satellite radio products and accessories since 2003, when it was established. The store is fully owned and operated by IBSM Inc., who have built a name for themselves in the satellite radio business and electronics industry. This online business was started by a couple, Matt and Aimee Moffett, in their home in early 2003. They incorporated the business in May 2003 and launched their first website in August 2003. Just three years after the launch the Satellite Radio Superstore was pushing $3 million is sales.

The Satellite Radio Superstore, had initially quite a hard time gaining credibility with the financial community and the banks were not forthcoming in giving support to their credit card processing. They had funds locked up for six months, just because their growth rate was much more than was expected. The second difficulty the company faced was finding the correct software that did not cost them the sky. The company has come through all these hurdles and become successful, and now has four successful company websites. The founders of the company feel their success was due to several factors. Firstly they had a clear goal in mind, and were not afraid to take risks. They feel the most important factor in their success is the level of service that they provide to their customers. They have been always there for the customer, throughout the buying process and also later. They have been there even when the customer wanted to return the product. And to top it all they owe their success to their dedicated staff, who love what they do.

Satellite Radio Superstore has four successful websites. The first one is totally dedicated to selling XM radios and accessories. They have many different models of XM radio systems, including the portable models made by famous companies like Audiovox, Delphi, Pioneer and TERK. The accessories include antennas, signal repeater systems, splitters and extensions, vehicle kits, mounts and brackets, carry cases, remote controls, boomboxes and audio adapters. The site accepts payment through all the major credit cards and Paypal. 

The company's Sirius site has similar items, but all for receiving Sirius Satellite Radio. The site has a section for Sirius home systems and the different popular models are featured. There are also the latest portable models and boomboxes. The site also explains to the customer how the merger of XM and Sirius is going to affect the customer and their subscriptions. 

Satellite Radio Superstore has a third website which is called TurnKey Medial Solutions and is a service provider of business and commercial audio, video and messaging services. It provides background music, business music, restaurant music and business TV. Among their clients are some of the largest hospitals in the US, for whom they provide customized music service. 

Satellite Radio Superstore has a fourth site which provides Leapster and Leapfrog accessories. These are accessories for learning hardware for kids.