Satellite radio stations.

Satellite radio has created a storm in the field of multimedia for its uninterrupted service. It can be used in places that have poor radio coverage. The greatest advantage of using a satellite radio is its uninterrupted service and quality of music. It can be used for both domestic purposes and vehicle purposes. Lots of vehicle manufacturers offer a satellite radio along with their cars. A person could hear to the same station even when he travels from one hemisphere to another. This wide coverage is due to the large footprint of the satellites. Sirius and XM are the two popular service providers of satellite radios. They provide a plethora of listening options to the users, thus all the needs of the users are catered. One can get channels in all categories ranging from news to sports. Sirius has about 151 full time channels.   
Music unlimited
The pop hits category provides music according to various decades. One can find songs from 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.Also there are exclusive songs named as Sirius XM hits. Pulse, Elvis radio are other programs. One can tune the programs according to their choice. The greatest advantage of Sirius radio is its programming ability. There are categories exclusively for the Rock variety which features programs like E street Radio, classic rewind, classic vinyl, Jam on, Octane, Bone yard etc. Programs on the category of electronic dance include BPM, The Area, and Strobe etc. Back spin, hip hop nation, shade 45 features Hip hop category. There are also programs that cover county, jazz, blues, Christian etc.

Other programs

There are various categories of programs featuring family& health, news, sports, weather etc. Family & health covers programs that are related to health. For instance doctor radio is a program that broadcasts all medical information from the NYU LAN gone Medical center. There are channels targeting children like Radio Disney. There are exclusive sports channels that cater to the needs of sports fans and it covers latest news on sports.
Every possible sprint race is covered by the Sirius NASCAR radio. These channels are 24/7 broadcasted. Other popular sports channels include ESPN Deportes radio, Sports Extra, Sports Express, Hardcore sports, ESPN Radio, ESPN all access, mad dog radio etc. ESPN radio covers all possible information about the baseball, basket ball and football. There are famous programs like baseball tonight, football tonight that has lots of fans among the audience. There are programs related to religion like catholic channel, Family net radio etc. There are exclusive channels for knowing the local weather and traffic. This facility is useful for people who travel, as they can avoid routes that have traffic congestion or can avoid traveling through a city that’s been flooded. Latest news is available in news exclusive channels like CNN, Fox news. Thus one can get to know the world even while traveling in the middle of a jungle! There are special channels which are tagged as Best of XM and they are available at premium rates.