Satellite Radio Services

There are two, Satellite Radio Services available in the United States. They are XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio. Although these two companies have now merged their services are still available separately and you have to pay a separate subscription for each. Both the Satellite Radio Services offer excellent programming content and both the subscription fees are almost the same. So what to choose? Well it depends on your tastes and preferences, and keeping that in mind, you need to compare what both have to offer. 

Firstly let us go through the similarities of the two, Satellite Radio Services. Both offer the same range of categories like music, sports, news and entertainment programming. There are certain personalities hosting certain shows in one service, but then if you look at the other service, there is an equal substitute. If you look at the different radio models that both have to offer, then again you have the same host of features that both seem to be having. Previously XM was the only one having a portable radio, but now Sirius too has come out with similar models. So where is this heading? No, the two, Satellite Radio Services are not identical. 

Let us look now at their differentiating features. Let us start with the number of satellites. Sirius has 3, while XM has 2. So what? Well generally it is considered, that more the satellites, the better is the coverage and the reception quality is improved. 

Next is the number of channels each has to offer. Sirius is offering more than 130 channels and XM has more than 170. Let us now compare the category distribution and content of the channels, of both the Satellite Radio Services. Sirius has 69 music channels, while XM has one more. Both have commercial-free streams of music, and both are able to deliver high fidelity digital audio. 

Both the Satellite Radio Services, cover all sports extensively. If you are a fan of NFL football, NASCAR and horse racing you should subscribe to Sirius. If you are interested in Major League Baseball and NHL hockey, then XM would be the recommended choice. Sports like NBA basketball, golf, college sports and others are covered by both the services. 

There are certain famous shows and hosts that each satellite radio service is proud to present, and is exclusive to that service. Sirius has got Howard Stern, Martha Stewart, a weekly rock show with skateboarder Tony Hawk and three video channels that you can listen on the internet without any extra charge. While XM offers Bob Dylan, Oprah Winfrey, Opie and Anthony, shows hosted by Snoop Dogg, Tom Petty and Quincy Jones and FOX sports radio. However as time goes on, many of this shows may not be exclusive, and will be available on both the services. 

As for the subscription fees both have the same charges. It is $12.95 for the basic package, and if you need the best channels of the other service included, then it is $16.99 per month. There is a $15 activation fee if you do it over the phone and $10 if its done online.