Satellite radio service:

One of the most fascinating and useful devices that human race has invented is the radio. It’s a wonderful thing it acts as a companion at lonely times. It provides information on the happenings around the world. Before the advent of the more sophisticated means of mass communication this simple machine acted as the sole mass communicator. With limited channels people always remembered the timings of their favorite jazz shows. People would dance for the songs of Elvis Presley and for those of the Beatles. At the time of war and other important events leaders would address the nation and provide motivation to the country men.

Advantages Of  Satellite Radio Over Ordinary Radios:
With the introduction of TV people found the radio very static. Then TVs ruled the world of mass entertainment. Then after some decades radios have made a comeback through the satellite radio services. This eliminated the various inconveniences in ordinary radios. Ordinary radios had limited coverage. The signals would break after some distance. Incase of satellite radios the coverage is in the range of 30000kilometers.the programs provided by the radio companies of the past were very ordinary.

Working Of Satellite Radio:
The satellite radio service works as follows. The satellite radio service providing company would place its satellites on the geostationary orbit. Then they would send the radio signals to the satellites and then they would transmit it back to the earth. This would be received by the receivers at the customer’s place. The customers have to pay for the satellite radio service and can select their favorite channels by paying extra for it.

Satellite Radio Service Industry:
The two major players in this satellite radio service industry are Sirius Company and XM Company. They started their operations in the early 1990s and became fully operational around the early 2000s.these companies have provided satellite radio service around the American continent. They have been successful too. They provide a wide variety of programs such as news, weather forecast, comedy shows etc. this business has been further developed by the company called World Space which covers almost the entire globe with its 3 geostationary satellites. They have become a household name around the world. The greatest advantage of satellite radio service is the variety of programs being offered and the clarity of sound that is provided. They use some of the latest technology to transmit their radio signals around the globe. Satellite radio service providing companies have widened the market by providing these services for car radio receivers too. This enhances the market for the satellite radio service industry. Some of the satellite radio service providing companies such as XM and Sirius have gone public. They are listed in the NASDAQ and have been doing well. The main form of revenue for this satellite radio service industry is through the advertisements and through the subscription from the customers. They have become a very good medium of advertising because of its huge fan base. Radios which almost became extinct with the introduction of TV have come back to life and have been giving the TV media a run for its money.