Satellite radio receivers

Receivers are one of the most important components without which you cannot access satellite radio. Satellite radios like Sirius Satellite Radio can be accessed using a number of different kinds of receivers. They can be used at home, in the car or boats. There are also some hand help models which can be used by people who are often on the move. Some cares come with the receivers already fitted in which makes your job a whole lot easier but if you have an old car without this then you will need to start looking for the right receiver.

The receivers can either be the plug and play king or the ones that are permanently installed either in the car or in houses. A lot of these receivers are also used for commercial purposes to play music and other entertaining channels to a large audience in shops or restaurants. Most of these receivers can be used both in cars as well as houses. This will save you from having to get two subscriptions, one for the house and the car.

Both the portable hand held ones and the ones used in cars and homes have a screen on which details of the channels and the songs played will be displayed. Some of the receivers come with memory so you can record some programs to be played later. There are also options for storing your favorite channels so they can be accessed easily.

Portable ones are also cheaper than the plug and plays or the table tops. Both the portable ones and the table tops have their advantages. The portable Sirius Stiletto allows you to play mp3 while the table top receives AM and FM radio. Stiletto can stream in internet content through WiFi and can also pause and play the programs without losing any part of it and its bulky design makes sure that it will not slip off your hand though some may not like it.

The receivers can range from $30 to more than $300 and you should look for one that will fit your needs and have all the features that you want. If it is only for jogging and during travel, you are better off buying a hand held one instead of spending a lot on other kinds of receivers. The dock and play receiver with a boom box is ideal when you want to move around with your receiver and play it out loud rather than listen to radio over the earphones.

There is a wide variety of receivers for you to choose from and there is a good chance you will have difficulty deciding so before you go to the store, look for them online and check the reviews to see which one is the best. Find the best one that comes within your budget. Though there are a lot of them out there which are cheap, get one with the best performance since you will be using it for a long time.