Satellite Radio Receiver Reviews

Satellite Radio has become very popular in the United States, compared to anywhere else in the world. People are prepared to pay a monthly subscription fee, as they know they will get the best commercial-free entertainment, available on a radio. There are two popular services covering the United States from coast to coast. They are XM and Sirius Satellite Radio, which broadcast many channels of quality entertainment. XM Radio is supposed to have over 170 channels consisting of music, entertainment, news, talk and sports. Sirius Satellite Radio has over 120 channels of the same categories including the controversial morning show by Howard Stern. A satellite radio is capable of receiving only one of the two services, which it is designed for. Both the satellite radio services are popular and there are many companies which manufacture these satellite radios. Although in 2008 these two companies have merged into Sirius XM Radio, it is going to take awhile for new receivers to become available that fully exploits, all the available satellites of both the companies.

As technology has advanced over the years the satellite radio has also evolved into a much sophisticated device with many features. Every month we find new models coming into the market and many people are at a loss, on which model to choose. In such circumstances, Satellite Radio Receiver Reviews, which are available on the internet are very useful. One such site is and they give unbiased reviews of the different satellite radios that are now available. Another useful site is and they too give, detailed reviews and specifications of the different satellite radios.

According to various Satellite Radio Receiver Reviews, although the two main companies have merged, they still offer separate services. As per the analysis of ConsumerResearch reviews, each service has distinct advantages and disadvantages. On the music front, XM is the only one who provides coverage of live concerts, while both services have excellent music channels. In sports XM has exclusive rights to Major League Baseball coverage, while Sirius has for NFL and NASCAR. XM has the largest subscription list with almost nine million subscribers.

The Satellite Radio Receiver Reviews, have a list of all the popular models of both the services. Both the services charge approximately the same subscription fee which is around $13 per month. Among the models there are now more of the portable types that are reviewed more, as people find them more suitable. These radios can also be used as portable, plug-and-play satellite radio tuners for home and in the vehicle. If you have a home theater system, you can connect these radios with the appropriate docking kit, and enjoy the satellite radio service over your audio system. Similarly with the right docking kit you can connect the same radio with your head unit or in-dash stereo in your vehicle. These portable radios have the advantage of saving you extra subscription fees, as you can listen on two receivers for the same fee. You can get detailed specifications on these models, on the different Satellite Radio Receiver Reviews.