Satellite radio rating

The two kind of satellite service available in America are sirus satellite radio and xm satellite radio. They have as many as radio broadcasting stations available around the world. Among the various channels, the sports channel will generally covers news and other form of entertainment. It is easy to identify to get the available radio channels in the available signal; the name comes from the most shining object star from the sky. They provided service all over the world from 2006.
     The channels are transmitted from the three satellites, which is revolving around the North America. . You will be able to view the complete detail regarding broadcasting radio channel on the display.. Placing antennae at the outer space help to receive clear reception signal  on your radio. They are of different types. Portable will contain in built antenna with rechargeable batteries. There are never ending possibilities for the satellite industry to discover and surmount.

   The rating for the year 2007 was published by arbitron .This rating was calculated based on two data’s
1)     Most of the people in household listening to the radio during a specific period.
2)     AQH which stands for average quarter hour .it is nothing but the average number of persons listening to the station for at lest a minimum duration of five minutes during a period of 15 minutes.

   It has been noted that during these period xm led significantly over sirus. Xm had 10.33 million listeners while sirus had 6.6 million listeners. However the top spot for the most listened satellite radio goes to Howard stern. It had a cume of over 1.22 million listeners and an AQH of above 96,700 listeners. It was followed by xm’s top 20 on 20 with a cume of over 1.05 million and AQH of over 21,800. number of people using satellite radio rising tremendously .

   The main aspect of this report is to provide the audience estimate to the satellite radio service providers. These services are made available to channels and service providers. Here the term service provider refers to sirus satellite radio inc. or xm satellite radio inc., the two DARS licensees. Channel refers to specific station of the satellite radio programming. The source data for all this report will be collected from the satellite radio listening, which are traced from in-tab diaries during the survey period.

    However it should be kept in mind that not all channels will be on air all the time. It should be noted that audio estimates would not be adjusted for the periods when the channel is not in air. The report will generally comprises of the following data namely service name, channel number, channel name, the format and finally about the streaming simulcast status. However it should be remembered that not all the data that is provided might be accurate or timely. This is mainly because some of the data that is provided may affect the audio estimates. The ultimate aim of rating is to make available audience estimates to service providers.