Satellite Radio News

The main Satellite Radio News in July 2008 was, Sirius Satellite Radio and the competitor XM Satellite Radio, Inc., merging together. The merger came about, after a long drawn out confrontation with certain regulators, and concerns about monopolising the satellite radio market. The new company was named Sirius XM Radio Inc. The newly combined company had a subscriber base of 18.5 million which is supposed to be the second largest radio company based on revenue, in the United States. The Federal Communications Commission finally approved the all-stock buyout of XM, in a 3-2 vote, after almost 16 months from the date the process was initialised.

Satellite Radio News always seems to get the top slot in the major news broadcasts and there is always concerns over the future of the satellite radio industry. The major news this month seems to be of the Sirius XM iPhone Application. In two weeks there were more than 1 million downloads, and it achieved the status of the top #1 free music App just after 12 hours of its launch. The popularity of this App is more amazing, because it will not feature the popular Howard Stern. Experts are estimating that this App might boost the growth rate of the subscribers for the satellite radio. Scott Greenstein, the president and Chief Content Officer of Sirius XM Inc., seems upbeat about the number of downloads, and feels that people truly appreciate the programming offered by the satellite radio service.

Another bit of Satellite Radio News is the newly added Sirius FM-5 satellite. It was supposed to be launched on June 30th but met with some minor anomaly. The satellite will be launched via a superior launch vehicle which has the latest technology, and uses a different type of fuel. The satellite is based on Loral 1300 platform and is touted to be the most powerful among satellites ever constructed. This will be the first geostationery satellite launched by Sirius, as all the previous ones were in geosynchronous orbits. The lifespan of this satellite is going to be approximately 15 years.

The passing away of the greatest entertainer, Michael Jackson, has also made major headlines in Satellite Radio News, as it has in the music world. Sirius XM has launched a tribute channel dedicated to Micheal Jackson, which will commemorate his life and music. Featuring on this channel will be the solo works and the recordings of The Jackson 5. There will be stories and interviews of other artists, and Quincy Jones will be the Executive Advisor for the channel's creative direction and structure.

Jon Zellner made Satellite Radio News, when he planned to quit Sirius XM Radio Inc. and join Clear Channel Communications Inc., a rival company. He was the senior vice president of music programming, and will go over to Clear Channel on 20th July, and take up the same position. Steve Blatter, is the new replacement for Jon Zellner, who will continue to be in charge of the Virus Channel which features The Opie & Anthony Show and another department.