Satellite radio mp3:

One of the mass entertainers that has been around for many decades now is the radio. They first came about as something for military communication purposes but eventually transformed into a mass entertainer. Commercialization of the radio was a great idea that was made possible by many inventions that led to the broadcasting of the radio signals. The first radio service providers had very limited capacity. They didn’t think of it as a big venture. But with time it turned to be a very big business. They introduced a lot of programs and had good grip of customer’s preferences. Then with the passage of time satellite radio services were introduced. They had greater reach than ordinary radios as they were transmitted using satellites in the space. They needed special type of receivers to receive these signals. This led to satellite radio service receivers. People had to purchase the receivers and pay subscription every month to receive their favorite channels. These satellite radio service providers produced good variety of programs suitable for all age groups. They customized programs according to the requirements of various customers. Simultaneously the storage industry got developed.

Improvements In Data StorageTechniques:
 At the beginning there were tapes which would record only limited amount of information. Then with time and miniaturization the technology resulted in small size and huge capacity products. The music got converted into digital. The music was stored much more easily and at a lower cost. This led to CDs and MP3s.This stored music in a more condensed form. People found it very convenient because of its small size and big capacity. Then the satellite radio service providers thought it was time to move towards MP# technology. They started producing receivers with MP3 capabilities. They allowed the user to record songs and radio programs in Mp3 format.

Satellite Radio Recievers With MP3 Capability:
Some of the famous satellite radio service providing companies are XM and Sirius.they have developed satellite radio service receivers with mp3 capabilities. Some examples of these devices are Sirius satellite s50 and Pioneer GBX-250.sirius s50 allows you to record 50 hours of radio program. This devices store both scheduled and unscheduled programs on the satellite radios. It stores these satellite radio programs as mp3 files. it can be even attached to home dock or a car dock. Then there is a feature called my channel which would record programs from your favorite channel. Then there is my Sirius songs which records your favorite talk shows and songs. There is a feature called myplaylist which plays the music according to a play list. This feature can be set when the receiver is attached to a computer. Then there is Sirius media dial which helps in quick access to the various contents. It also has a voice assistance to navigate through various features of the receiver. It has various accessories too. It includes a home dock device for mixing sounds in a PC. Then there is a remote control. It also has an antenna. The combining of both these modern technology has taken the pleasure of listening to radio to a great level.