Satellite Radio Home Tuner

Satellite radio has become very popular all over the world, and people prefer to listen to satellite programming rather than the AM/FM channels, even if they have to pay a monthly subscription fee.  In the United States there are two popular Satellite radio services and they are XM and Sirius.

XM satellite radio offers more than 170 channels of commercial-free entertainment in music, sports, talk, comedy, news and entertainment. The whole of United States is covered by this service from coast to coast, giving superior digital sound quality. It has extensive sports coverage, with play by play reporting on your favourite teams. To enjoy all this at your home, you need the XM Satellite Radio Home Tuner, Polk Audio XRt12. 

The Polk Audio XRt12, Satellite Radio Home Tuner is designed to be a permanent part of your home theater system. It will integrate with your A/V receiver, and its radio output can be heard over your high quality stereo or home theater speakers. You can get digital outputs from this tuner, with optical or coaxial connection to your stereo or home theater system. It also gives an analog output. Searching and scanning of channels is easy with this tuner and you can tune in a variety of ways via categories, set a number of presets, or direct tuning. You can also browse channels, without disturbing what you are listening to, at the current moment. The tuner has a memory, which you can program to remember 10 of your favourite songs with the artist name. This function will alert you whenever that song is being played on any of the other channels. The tuner is capable of giving a video output, so that you can see the channel information, song title and artist name on your TV or video display.

The XM satellites are in geosynchronous orbit over the southern skies, and that is where you will have to point the antenna. The antenna is supplied along with the tuner and has to have a clear line of vision of the sky, without any obstruction. The best place for the antenna is the roof or on a window sill. In urban areas, there are terrestrial repeaters which provide a signal. While positioning the antenna you can always see the strength of the signal on the signal-strength meter, which will be displayed on your receiver's screen.

Sirius Satellite Radio is the other satellite radio service which is also available coast to coast. This service provides over 120 channels of high quality entertainment in the same categories as XM. The SC-H1 is a Sirius Satellite Radio Home Tuner. This tuner seamlessly integrates into any Sirius-ready or SAT Radio-ready home audio system. This is a very compact tuner, which can be placed flat or mounted on a wall or a panel. It is easy to install and it comes with the Sirius antenna, connecting cable for the antenna and 8-pin DIN cable that connects to your receiver. The sound output is in optical digital and analogue.