Satellite Radio History

A satellite radio is similar to an ordinary radio but has a wider coverage than ordinary radio. It uses digital signals for transmission purposes. It covers a distance of about 35000kms.the satellite radio works as follows. A provider of satellite radio signals sends satellites into the sky and places it into the geostationary orbit. Then the company sends its radio signals to the satellite which transmits it back to the earth. The satellite radio receivers in the earth can obtain the signals and plays the radio program. Each of these satellites have the capacity to handle about 50-60 channels. These satellite radio services were first introduced in USA and some of the famous satellite radio companies are Sirius, XM and worldspace.

satellite radio were first introduced around the early the beginning they provided only limited services such as radio programs but later they introduced several added services such as weather reports. The real power of these satellite radio were felt once when they were commercialized. This was possible with the introduction of private players such as XM and Sirius. Before the introduction of these private players there were many problems with satellite radio such as very bad signal reception, bad reception due to weather constraints. The most important thing to obtain for providing satellite radio services is the FCC license. This was first obtained by XM and Sirius. Then they started the process of providing Satellite Digital Audio Radio Services. They provided this service across USA. It took them almost a decade to provide this satellite radio service. They stated full capacity transmission around the early 2000s.XM the leader in satellite radio service launched two broadcast satellite named rock, roll for providing its satellite radio services in US. The market leader at that time was XM Company. It provided almost 100 channels and their programs covered people of all age groups. They provided sports commentary, news, weather reports. They even provided expert interviews on various fields.

Then there were programs for children. They gained great popularity through this variety of programs. The company now provides crystal clear sound and provide the best in class performance as far as satellite radio industry is concerned. Satellite radio companies have now started using a new technology called CT-aaccPlus. This allows them to use the channels effectively and provide high quality music. The other satellite radio company Sirius was not left far behind. They commenced their satellite radio operations around 2002.they covered a wide area of US through their broadcasting satellites. Then in 2005 Sirius made a very important strategic move. They roped in the famous radio personality Mr. Howard stern. This was a turning point in the history of Sirius Company. It was a long-term contract.
It was done at a whopping $500million.these companies then were listed in the NASDAQ. The satellite radio industry has come through a tough period and has established itself very well with a huge audience base. They have become one of the most sought after forms of advertising. They have achieved a lot in the past decade and continue to be a great entertainer for the masses.