Satellite Radio Forums

A forum is an online discussion site, generally devoted to one central theme and having many different categories pertaining to that one theme. Categories are usually broad subject areas, which contain conversation on different topics falling under that category. These conversations are called threads and are of made up of individual posts, which make up the discussion. Usually to take part in a forum you have to register with the site, and once you are accepted as a member you are allowed to take part in all activities the forum has to offer.

The popularity of satellite radio, has increased the subscriber base of satellite radio services in the United States. The two services of XM and Sirius, is available throughout mainland USA from coast to coast. Sirius has started its service in Canada also and there too it is gaining in popularity. There are now many Satellite Radio Forums that are dedicated to discussing these two satellite services and the various issues that people have with the service as well as the devices connected with them.

One of the major Satellite Radio Forums is, and is totally devoted to discussing the XM satellite radio service. It was launched on 15th August 2002, with an aim to be the number one, XM discussion site. This site has grown into a giant discussion forum with 63,873 registered users. Apart from the registered users, there are usually hundreds of different guests visiting the forum daily. Ryan Morris is the Site Administrator and owner of this forum. In January 2003 the forum launched the XMFan Mobile service, where anyone with a WAP enabled device can read the forum, by simply visiting This forum has quite a few categories under General Discussion. There is a category for discussing the XM service. Under this category there are many topics like discussing the Royalty fee, how to avoid the Royalty fees, terrestrial repeaters, sound quality and many more. The second category is about the programming and events on XM. There are again many topics under this category and many talk of the new programs that are featured on XM. There are discussions about bringing in the Jackson channel and also tributes offered to this great entertainer. There is a category which discusses, best of the Sirius programming which is available on XM. Hardwares and accessories for XM is discussed in another category, and shows the different modifications possible to your system. Channels 175 to 190 which are devoted to Major League Baseball on XM, are discussed under on of the categories. Also there are many other categories and sub-topics on this great forum.

There are other forums which discuss both XM and Sirius, and there is a forum devoted to Sirius XM radio called SiriusBuzz was founded on 19th September 2006, as a weblog which was to provide its readers detailed coverage of Satellite Radio news. On 30th May 2007, SiriusBuzz merged with Satellite Standard Group. Charles Larocca is the editor of this site and he gave up designing and creating websites, for his passion for Sirius XM radio and created this site. Tyler Savery is a writer on this site and is another ardent fan of Sirius XM Radio.