Satellite Radio Forum

Online forums have been there to discuss many different topics and themes, and since satellite radio has been broadcasting, there are many forum sites to discuss things from the devices to the service itself. The popularity and uniqueness of satellite radio has given a huge following to the satellite radio forum. There are mainly two satellite radio services in the United States, XM and Sirius. Some forums exclusively are devoted to one service, while there are many which discuss both. After these two companies have merged there are new forums topics discussing this merger and also discussing the new entity called Sirius XM Radio. There is one more satellite radio service, which broadcasts over the whole of Asia, the Middle East and parts of Africa, called WorldSpace. This service also has a couple of forum sites devoted to it. There are also certain forums which have a category on satellite radio, and it forms a small part of the forum.

There is a AVS Forum which has a part of the forum devoted to XM and Sirius Satellite Radio. The main threads discussed in this forum are mainly regarding the various models of the radios available for the two services. There is an interesting thread, which is discussing how the downturn of the global economy has taken its toll on satellite radio. Sirius XM Radio which has been relying mainly on sale of new cars equipped with satellite radio, saw a downturn due to General Motors bankruptcy. This satellite radio company which enjoyed a subscription of 19 million, suddenly saw a dip of 400,000 subscribers, in the first three months of this year. This also triggered a panic among investors and the share price of this company dipped. There is also a theory that Sirius has been hyping the figures of its subscribers by giving numbers which include subscribers receiving a free trial offer, when they purchase a car having a factory installed satellite radio. This thread is discussed, by many of the members in this forum and each has expressed a concern over the future of satellite radio. seens to be the only forum site that is totally devoted to XM satellite radio. This forum also seems to have the highest number of registered users, with 63,902 members. This forum was started in August 2002, with the aim of providing the best place to discuss XM. The portal has not only achieved this aim, but also grown into a site having the best information and exclusive content. They have also launched a mobile service where you can access the forum through a WAP enabled-device. Ryan Morris is the owner and site administrator of this huge forum. The forum has categories under general discussion, that discusses everything about XM and it includes discussions on hardware and accessories, installation, sport channels, XM programs, politics and much more. There are many threads of discussions which talk about the various channels on XM and the programming content. The music and sport channels are discussed the most.