Satellite Radio Direct

Satellite Radio Direct is a great website, for all information about satellite radios and the different models that are available. This site is more on the lines of a blog, and you will find daily postings on different topics related to satellite radio. The posts on different topics are inter-spaced with reviews of the different models of satellite radios, GPS systems, car TV, DVD players and many more similar electronic products.

The latest post on Satellite Radio Direct, is about Sirius coupons, whose information is a bit difficult to gather. The site has gathered all the info on this topic, which is quite relevant and helpful. Most of the radios that are featured on Satellite Radio Direct, are linked to Amazon for a review and purchase. There are many different models of portable satellite radios and also some marine radios.

Satellite Radio Direct has featured Audiovox XMCK5P XPRESS-EZ XM Satellite Radio Receiver with at car kit. This is a plug-and-play model capable of receiving XM satellite radio. This radio is very reasonably priced at around $51 and comes with free shipping. This is a very compact radio and measures 2.6 x 9.8 x 8.3 inches and weighs only 1.4 pounds. The accompanying car kit includes the docking station, DC power adapter, and a roof-mount antenna. The 3-line display on the radio is easy to read and you can see the channel number, channel name, song title, artist information and signal strength. Tuning is very easy with the push-button and dial interface, which lets you choose the XM channels and navigate the menus. You can also preset 10 of your favourite channels for easy and fast access. The radio has an FM transmitter which can transmit the satellite signal straight on to your FM radio on an unused frequency.

The Satellite Radio Direct website also features the Tao xm2go portable satellite radio receiver with  home and car accessory kits. This is a more sophisticated radio and a model with many advanced features. The radio has a memory mode that can record and store 5 hours of live radio programming. With this feature you can pause, rewind and replay the channel you were listening, or you can just let it record and listen to it at a future time. The radio can preset 30 of your favourite channels into three, 10-channel groups. There is preview function, which lets you know what is playing on other channels, without tuning away from the channel you are listening. This radio comes with a whole load of accessories. You will get a carry-case with a belt clip, the home docking station, a vehicle docking station, wireless remote control, home and vehicle antennas, cigarette lighter adapter, cassette adapter, home power adapter, flush, vent and swivel mounts, earbud headphones and rechargeable lithium batteries. All this components make it very easy to for you to listen to this radio in your home and vehicle. The radio also has the FM transmitter to make a wireless connection with your FM radio. At home you can easily plug connect this radio with your home stereo via the provided mini-jack to RCA connection.