Satellite radio coverage

Radio is one of the oldest forms of media in the world. Radio served as medium to unite the nation together to listen to music, stories etc. one of the emerging form of communication is satellite radio. Satellite radio receptions are generally of superior quality. It provides you with a wide range of channel options according to your taste and preference. Sirus and xm are the two satellite service provider in America. Sirus provides you with more unique programming option. The fastest growing between the two services is provider is sirus radio. This is mainly because of its unique programming option and better reception in parking garages and downtown areas.

    The question that remains in most of the minds of the people is the technology behind the satellite radio and how it is possible to provide crystal clear coverage continent wide. This is possible through the service provided by the two satellites that is orbiting in the atmosphere of the earth. The satellites are the Boeing satellites hs 702.this get its name from the ironic phase of rock and roll. These satellites are located in 85-degree west longitude and 115-degree west longitude approximately 22000 above the earth surface. The first satellite to be launched into space between these two satellites is rock on March 18, 2001. This was followed by roll on May 8th 2001. If these two satellites face any technical difficulties or problem, a third satellite is ready to be launched.

   The process of satellite radio starts by transmitting a beam of signal from the earth station to the satellite. This signal will then be reflected back to the ground from the satellite. These signals will be received by the satellite radio receiver, which is capable of receiving the signal from the satellite and then decoding it to the digital signal. One of the interesting facts to note is a particular digital signal that your receiver receives may contain up to 100 channel of the audio content. In addition to the decoded sound, the signal may also contain information about the broadcasting details such as song details, artist, music category etc. this information’s will be displayed in the LCD screen that is provided in the receiver. These will help the consumer to know the information’s about the audio content that they are listening to.

    Generally buildings could act as a barrier for the satellite signal in urban areas. Hence there is a need for having a transmitter along the ground. The receiver contains a unique chipset. Similarly each chipset will comprise of two integrated circuits. Satellite radios are provided with a small antenna, which is used to receive the digital signals from the satellite. Many of the car manufactures have realized the importance of satellite radio. So they are investing the money on the satellite radio to install the satellite radio in their company vehicle. Satellite radio is growing very rapidly. The satellite radio service in Europe , Asia , Africa is provided by world space.