Satellite radio comparison

Here let us compare the two famous radio technologies. Sirius Satellite Radio and XM are the top two satellite radio providers; they both attract most of the people in the country.  Both the companies are providing various services like music, game show, news with various new attracting services. If user doesn’t like traditional FM or AM then the satellite radio will be a great replacement for them. Advancement in modern technology leads to quality music with portability, large number of services with excellent signal coverage. Xm has two own satellite above the earth which are rock and roll. XM transmit signal to the user with the help of both the satellite placed above the earth, XM was originated in Washington D.C. whereas Sirius belongs to New York. Sirius has many numbers of studios in the New York.
Why online satellite is so special among people compare to traditional AM/FM,
No advertisement in online satellite radio:
        In traditional FM/AM advertisement runs between every 5-8 minutes duration because FM/AM are telecasting programs that are free to user, this makes user irritated where as online satellite radio is a paid service so there is no need to run advertisement between music channels. User can listen to their favorite songs as they wish. Many different Varity of songs are running around the click like jazz, blue, hip-pop, etc.

No motionless:
        Traditional FM/Am are static in nature i.e. the radio won’t work after crossing the particular area or home locality, most of the FM/AM work around 50-100km  Where as a cab that has an online satellite radio is able to receive signal throughout the world. Online satellite radio looks so slim and tiny so user can able to carry the radio with him very easily.

User can able to view the name of Article / Artist /Program running on the display:
        In online satellite radio, user can able to view the current program name, song playing on the radio as well as other data relevant to the program, are viewed visually on the display screen of the radio.

Uncensored Songs:
        Compared to satellite radio, rules for AM/FM is very strict. The banned songs due to abusive language in songs should not be played in AM/FM where as in satellite radio, these songs can be played. The rules and regulation for satellite radio is not as strong as AM/FM.
User can get detail about weather and local news:
        Users can able to take satellite radio with him  throughout the world, some news channel available in satellite radio keeps updating  the users  about  weather news as well as local news so user can able to get the details easily with more clarity than AM/FM.
Provision for Internet Satellite Radio:
If user has an account in satellite radio, even he can able to hear music online by logging into website like sirus or Xm. By giving user name and password, user can listen to the music online.