Satellite Radio Company

Satellite Radio companies have not been uncommon in the past couple of years but today they are on the spotlight nowadays. These companies are preparing for a head on contest with the land-based radio companies and things seem to be heating up. However, when all the pros and cons are tabled, it seems that satellite radio companies are already getting the upper hand. Sure, they are not as common as land based stations, but it is only a matter of time.

So, what is it that makes satellite radio companies so exceptional? For one, you have already guessed that they use satellites, judging from the naming. Unlike the land-based radio stations that need boosters every few miles, satellite radio companies use satellite to broadcast. This means that there is more coverage and less frequency disturbances. Satellites orbit the earth and are located thousands of miles into the atmosphere. This in itself guarantees crisp and clear listening, and that is exactly what listeners get.

The second thing is the content that is aired. For land-based radio companies, you always get interruptions in your listening via commercial breaks. There will always be someone advertising something that you are not interested in one bit. With the satellite radio, you get music and only music. You can select the genre that you want to listen to; rock, rap, R&B and even your good old country. In addition, you have geographical independence. You can listen to satellite radio in your condominium or on your road trip. In most cases satellite radio has no geographical boundaries.

However, matters of location are not the only things that set satellite radios apart. Sound quality is on the list too. These radios offer digital sounds which are of the highest quality. However, these do not all originate from the satellites. There are earth stations that record the program which are then transferred to the satellites, which act as transmitters. Satellites encode the signals sent and your satellite radio decodes and plays them as sound. This essentially means that you have to have a dedicated handset that can be able to pick up the signals.

Internet radio has been in the scene for a couple of years. They enable you to listen to your favorite tracks online. What this translates to is a disposition of hundreds of radio stations for you to listen to. Nonetheless, even with the variety, internet radio stations do no offer the kind of sound quality that comes with satellite radio. Besides, the commercials that are sometimes not so welcomed are still existent.

It is not all glory for satellite radio since there is one flaw that stops its taking over. To enjoy it, you need to subscribe for a fee. When it comes to paying to listen to radio, not too many people are willing t do this since land-based and internet radio stations offer free unlimited listening. However, as far as satellite radio companies are concerned, the grass is definitely greener ahead.