Satellite Radio Channels

Satellite Radio Channels are known for their excellent content and commercial-free music. People do no mind paying a monthly subscription fee to listen to these channels because of their exclusive content and superior coverage of sports and other events. There are mainly two Satellite radio services in the United States, XM and Sirius. These two companies have merged since 2007, but their programming is still broadcasted separately, but each has a group of channels that is the best of the other company. Both the services broadcast over 130 channels each, and comprise of music, sports, news, talk and entertainment.

XM Satellite Radio service broadcasts a total of 221 channels through its satellites, and there are several which are exclusively for online broadcasting. XM Radio Canada has a total of 156 channels, including the free preview channel. In the United States there is a line up of more than 170 channels and many are devoted to music. The music channels cover genres like Rock, Pop, Country, Classical, Dance and Electronic, Hip-Hop and R&B, Jazz, blues and Standards, Latin and world and Christian. Under each genre, there are several channels covering every kind of music of that genre. Rock itself has 22 channels, like Boneyard, Jam On, Lithium, Faction, The Coffee House and so on. For Classical music there are three channels which stream popular classical, classical and opera and classical vocal. The music channels has so many varieties that you will definitely find something for every taste and preference.

XM has a long line up of sport channels which give an extensive coverage of all the popular games in United States. XM used to have exclusive coverage of MLB, but after the merger it is available on Sirius as well. The other games covered are NASCAR, NFL, PGA Tour, College sports, NBA, NHL, Soccer and many more. The sport channels are divided in to two categories. There is one category which is called Play-by-Play which give the coverage of the actual sporting events, and the other is called sports, which will have all the interviews and discussions and news of the sporting world.

The Entertainment and Talk category has a line up of channels consisting of comedy, Entertainment, Family and Health and Religion. If you have chosen the best of Sirius package along with XM you will get additional channels like Howard 100, Martha Stewart, Playboy Radio, Catholic channel, Doctor Radio, Blue Collar Comedy, Foxhole, Cosmo Radio and Oprah Radio.

The News category has a lot of channels delivering news by the most trusted reporters. The XM Emergency Alert channel is dedicated to provide you with critical and updated information before, during and after any natural disasters, weather updates of approaching bad weather and other dangerous situations. Among the news channels there are well known names like CNN, CNBC, Fox News, Bloomberg, POTUS and NPR. Among the talk and discussion news channels there is the famous America's Talk, Extreme Talk, and also political talk like the America Left, America Right, The Power and many more.