Satellite Radio Canada

Satellite radio Canada was introduced in the year 2004. In the month of November CRTC (Canadian radio in late August 2005-television and telecommunications commission) had filed the application for satellite radio in Canada by three different companies they were Canadian satellite radio and XM, Sirius and Standard Broadcasting and the last minute entry by astral media and CHUM ltd. The first two of the companies had already set up services in U.S. and were going to provide the same type of services in Canada also. But the third company CHUM chose to provide service through terrestrial DAB transmitters instead of using the direct satellite service. The channels which CHUM planned to provide were purely Canadian channels while the other two opted to provide a mixed service with both Canadian channels and their existing channels in other states and countries.
The Sirius and XM had an advantage over the CHUM as they were popular in U.S. and had created a name for them. On the 16th June 2005CRTC choose to approve all the three applications and required to satisfy the following terms and conditions in order to provide satellite radio in Canada: