Satellite Radio Canada

Canadians often get crazy about the unlimited music that is been offered to them by the Sirius radio and the Sirius Canada radio service has gathered lots of fans around the country for its best quality service and uninterrupted supply of the favorite tunes. People often consider this subscription to be very worthy enough for the music quality they get in return!  Satellite radio Canada was introduced in the year 2004. In the month of November CRTC had filed the application for satellite radio in Canada by three different companies they were XM, Sirius and Standard Broadcasting at the last second admission by astral media and CHUM ltd. Many companies had services in U.S. and were going to provide the same type of services in Canada also. But the third company CHUM chose to provide service through earthly located transmitters instead of using the direct satellite service. The channels which CHUM planned to provide were purely Canadian channels while remaining one opted to provide a mixed service with both Canadian channels and their existing channels in other states and countries.
The satellite radio companies had an advantage over the CHUM as they were popular in U.S. and had created a name for them. On the 16th June 2005CRTC choose to approve all the three applications and required to satisfy the following terms and conditions in order to provide satellite radio in Canada:
1.    There must be at least 8 Canadian channels provided by the companies and they can provide nine other channels for every Canadian channel broadcasted.
2.    The content provided must be in Canadian language up to 86 %.
3.    There must be others types of language stations provided from 27% of the total Canadian channels.
4.    The updating of new music channels carried around at least up to 26%.
The major companies in satellite radio made their negotiations also. The Sirius Company negotiated the rules and regulation and made sure to provide 50% of French songs on Canadian channels. But XM managed to get another 5 channels in which they would broadcast NHL, and they would exclusively broadcast Canadian teams while playing games. But the CHUM’s made an appeal that the Sirius and XM would make it difficult for them to survive for the u coming years. The content imposed by the satellite radio Canada was too late for the Sirius and XM companies. But the other two companies claimed that CHUM wanted them out of Canada to be the single ruler. This created a real mess for the CRTC and made it difficult for them to decide. In the month of August 2005 Liza Frulla (the Heritage Minister) reviewed the decision made by the CRTC and they found out that there wasn’t the need for the broadcasters to provide so much Canadian content and that they negotiated to provide extra programs in Canada people  for their demands.
 There were further reviews made by various agencies in order to finally accept the decision made by the CRTC. The official announcement was given on 10th November 2005. The first one to launch satellite radio Canada was Xm on 29th Nov 2005 with a monthly subscription of $12.99 which provided 85 channels; it also had a onetime activation fee of $19.99. Sirius launched its satellite radio Canada on 1st Dec 2005, 19.99 dollars of monthly subscription with 100 channels and a onetime activation fee of $14.99. The CHUM and Astral Company never launched its product and their license was expired on 16th June 2007.