Satellite Radio Boom box

Radios have been existent for many years now. The problem with a normal radio is that it can reach only a small radius of about 40-50 kilometers. Satellite Radio is a type of radio which has coverage of around 35000 kilometers. The quality of music associated with this Satellite Radio is very good. The famous American company which offers this Satellite Radio services is SiriusXM Company. This Satellite Radio is similar to that of a satellite TV. Here the broadcast is made through satellite and various channels are available through these satellites. The customer needs a radio receiver to receive the radio signals and pays for the channels that he has selected.

Boom box:
Boom boxes are basically portable stereo systems. They can receive music from various radio stations and can record them in a tape or other storage device. They were very famous for their high volume music. They could be charged by batteries or by usual line current. Boom boxes are also called as ghetto blaster. It was very common among the Afro-American groups in US. They were very popular because of their portability and high volume music. They ruled the roost in the 90’s as the main source of music across the world. These Boom boxes acted as the main source of high volume music and was a part of every party that happened in the US in the 90’s.

Features Of Boom boxes:
Boom boxes usually had loudspeakers, amplifier, radio tuner and a cassette player. It was mostly charged by batteries or by power supply. They offered great music and had features such as jazz, bass etc.

Satellite Radio Boom boxes:
With the advent of satellite radio technology Boom boxes began to evolve. They became satellite radio Boom boxes. They could now receive radio signal from satellite. They had become more powerful and were capable of recording music in digital format. Cassettes and other tape based forms of recording were replaced by the digital form of recording. This was possible because of technological advances and low cost of digital storing devices.

World space:
World space is the company which has taken satellite radio services to a new great level. It has covered almost the entire globe with its service. It has 3 satellites that cover almost the entire world. They have a satellite each for Asia, Africa and South America. These satellites are placed in the geostationary orbit of the earth. Each satellite covers an area of about 5.5 million square miles. Each of this satellite transmits 60 channels. The world space uploads its signals to its satellites which transmit them back to earth.
They can be received using satellite radio boom boxes. They provide crystal clear music to the customers. The music can be recorded using the boom boxes and can be played later.

Accessories Of Boom boxes:
Nowadays the satellite radio boom boxes are available with a variety of accessories and these accessories add great value to your Boom boxes.
Some of the Boom boxes accessories are headphones, remote control, rechargeable and integrated battery and many more.