Satellite Radio Antennas

Satellite radios require antennas of some kind in order to function. Your satellite radio whether at home, car or portable set, needs an antennae to function effectively. It is advisable to mount your satellite radio antennas in an elevated spot where they can receive satellite signals with minimum obstructions. Satellite radio antennas have satellite aiming features and strengths meters which show how strong the signals are. This helps you detect when your signal reception is strong. You can choose to purchase satellite radio antennas separately or together with your satellite radio kit. Satellite radio antennas are usually magnetic.
There are two main types of satellite radio antennas that are used in the home: indoor and outdoors antennae. Most satellite radio antennas that are used in the home are indoor satellite radio antennas. Place your indoor satellite radio antenna preferably near a window for optimal signal reception. Indoor radio antennas are usually not costly and are quite easy to mount.
Outdoor antennas are usually bigger than indoor antennas. They are usually made tough enough to stand harsh elements such as the sun and rain. Mount it on the roof or side of your house, depending on where you receive the best signal. Outdoor satellite radio antennas are helpful if you cannot get satellite signals clearly using your indoor antenna. If you already have satellite TV, you should consider using a splitter cable. This means using the same cable as that of the satellite TV to mount your satellite radio antenna. But once in the house, the cable is split so that one goes to the TV while the other to the radio.
To boost your satellite radio antennas signal reception in different rooms in the house, you can use signal repeaters. The signal repeater is usually connected to indoor or outdoor satellite radio antennas which have been optimally mounted. The repeater signal then sends signals to a receiver antenna which is usually in a different room. The receiver antenna then delivers the signals to the satellite radio receiver.
Some satellite radios, especially the ported ones normally come with inbuilt antennas. This makes it easy to carry the satellite radio while still getting good signals.

Satellite radio antennas in cars can be mounted in a variety of places such as the on the roof of the car. The magnetic nature of the antennae prevents it from being holding on to the car.
There are common misconceptions about satellite radio antennas. For instance, when installing satellite radio in your car, it is not a must for you to have your satellite radio antennas mounted on the exterior part of your vehicle like let’s say the roof. You can choose to have it installed in your dashboard as far forward as possible. Normally, the windshield does not affect your antennae signal, unless you are in a truck or SUV since their windshields tend to be vertical.
To ensure durability of your satellite radio antennas, keep them out of reach of children. Also ensure that the antennas do not come in contact with water and electricity.