Satellite Radio Antenna

Satellite radio can only be made use of if you have an antenna and choosing one of the many that are available can be difficult. It is these antennas that pick up the signals from the satellites. In places where the reception of the satellite is compromised because of buildings, repeaters will be used from which the antennas pick up the signals.

Most satellite radio providers like Sirius Satellite radio, tell consumers what the ideal location would be to position their antennas. Though there are a lot of antennas to choose from, the main thing to consider is where you want to use the satellite radio, whether it is your home, car, etc. They are available in any local hardware store and definitely in any place that sells the satellite radio unit.

The normal antenna on your car will not work for the satellite radio and a special one will need to be installed. This will help you play the satellite radio as the antenna will get the signals from the satellites. Though it is possible to keep the antenna inside the car, the reception will not be as clear as it would be if you place it outside. Keeping it outside will boost the reception as the whole car will act as an extension. A kink free cable should connect the antenna to the radio for the best results.

The price of the satellite radio antenna depends on its size. The better ones are naturally more expensive but they last longer and as a long term investment, you should go for the best one you can afford to get. You can increase its life span by protecting it from water. Finding the right antenna is very important if you live in a remote place with bad reception.

The antennas available today are quite compact and don’t take up a lot of space and ruin the look of your house. There are indoor and outdoor antennas to choose from and there are also portable and fixed antennas. Most satellite radios need an antenna that is specially designed for that particular radio. The indoor antennas will be kept near a window to get the best reception. A patio will also be a good choice but this wont have much protection against water hence the place must be dry and not have rain falling on it.

The antennas with a signal meter is the best as you will know if the position is good by seeing how well the signal is received over the signal meter. Outdoor antennas are mounted either to the roof or to a wall. These are often used in places with poor reception. If you already have satellite TV, the same cable can be used to connect the outdoor antenna to the player. A replacement antenna that can be used indoors as well as outdoors using its universal mount is also available. It will work for any type of plug and play radio and is compatible with Sirius.