Satellite Radio Accessories

Satellite Radio has become one of the popular media, for many people in the United States and Canada. Due to its excellent programming content and commercial-free music people prefer the satellite radio service to AM/FM channels. The satellite radio can be a stand-alone unit, but needs certain accessories for it to function to its full potential. Among Satellite Radio Accessories, the antenna is a must, without which the radio will not receive any signals.

There are two services currently providing satellite radio in the United States, and they are XM and Sirius. The radio and its accessories, will have to be according to the service you choose to receive. A Sirius radio or its accessory will not work for receiving XM service, and vice-versa. The antenna too has to be accordingly compatible with the service and radio you are using. The antenna is the most important Satellite Radio Accessory and has to be mounted and positioned correctly. The antenna has to have a direct line of sight to the sky, as that is where the satellites beam down their signals from. There should be not be any object obstructing the antenna's view of the sky. For mounting an antenna at home the roof of the house is an excellent place. The second best option would be the window sill. In a vehicle the antenna can be mounted on the roof of the car or on the trunk lid, if you have a convertible. Satellite radio services also install terrestrial repeaters in densely built urban areas, so that the antenna can receive the signals from them.

The satellite radio has now become a more sophisticated device and comes in a plug-and-play model as well. This model is fully portable and you can use it in your car and also in your house. This type of radio needs the proper accessories to function in the different places. These accessories are called docking kits and are available for the particular model of the radio. Sirius has come with many models of the portable radio and one of them is the Stiletto 2. This radio will function in your vehicle as well as your house, if fitted with the required accessories. For the house there is the SLH2 home docking kit. This accessory comes with a remote control, and a stereo audio output to connect to your home audio system, or powered speakers. It also has a connection for your PC, so that you can manage your MP3 and WMA files. The accessory comes as a kit and includes the antenna and the 21 foot connecting cable, audio cables, USB cable, PC software and an AC power adapter.

If you need to operate the Stiletto in your vehicle you will another accessory, which is the vehicle docking kit SLV2. With this accessory you can connect the Stiletto 2 to your vehicle's radio, through the FM transmitter or through the stereo output. You can also preset 10 of your favourite channels with this accessory. This docking unit will charge your Stiletto while you are driving. It includes the magnetic mount satellite antenna, vehicle power adapter, FM extender antenna and a remote control.