Satelite Radio

Satelite Radio has gained in popularity all over the world. There are different Satelite Radio services that provide very good quality entertainment, and who have a wide coverage. The satellite technology has made a revolution in the history of radio broadcasting. The conventional radio stations usually have a coverage of 20 to 25 kilometers radius, but with satellites you can cover an entire continent. The popularity of the Satelite Radio is more for its quality and quantity of content. You will find many channels on a Satelite Radio service, and each channel will have excellent program content. You need to pay a subscription fee to enjoy a Satelite Radio service and also need to have a satellite radio set or a satellite radio tuner, to receive the signals.

There are quite a few Satelite Radio services in the world, and one of them operating in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia is the 1worldspace Satelite Radio. Mr. N. Samara started this company, with an aim to provide satellite radio service in the continents of Asia and Africa. 1Worldspace has got global rights to the spectrum which is alloted for world broadcasting. Its coverage is phenomenal and covers many countries, that are in Asia, Africa and Western Europe. The covered area has billions of people and millions of vehicle owners. It has two satellites and sophisticated ground infrastructure, that is able to give a clear digital quality reception, even in cheap satellite radio units. 

1worldspace Satelite Radio broadcasts 62 channels consisting of music, news, education and sports. Out of these channels, 38 are provided by outside parties regionally, nationally and internationally,  and the remaining 24 are produced by 1worldspace themselves. The music channels include genres of international music, hits of country music, jazz and classical rock. The main studios are in Washington in the US, Nairobi in Kenya and Bangalore in India. In these studios, 18 channels are created which are pertaining to lifestyle and music. Out of these, 4 channels are even broadcasted in the US through the service of XM Satelite Radio.

1worldspace Satelite Radio network has 2 powerful satellites, which transmit over the L-band, that have travelling amplifiers of wave tube and baseband processors. The studios and the other broadcasters, by using a hub site at a central place, are able to uplink content. The satellites then transmit the signal through 3 downlink beams. Each beam is capable of carrying up to 80 channels.

The other main Satelite Radio networks are in the United States. They are XM and Sirius Satelite Radio. XM was the first to start its service and both these services cover the whole of mainland United States from coast to coast. XM Satelite Radio has over 170 channels consisting of music, news, sports and entertainment. Sirius has over 120 channels consisting of the same categories. Both provide excellent program content and informative broadcasts. There are many programs by famous personalities and the range of programs cover all age groups.