Station Name: RTK 1 Vijesti

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

People who know about RTK 1 Vijesti, a TV station that is based in Tirana, Albania, are aware of its high quality of online broadcasting. They are also aware that programs aired by the station are also aired online. They also know that in both cases, Albania is the language used.

Well, there are many more things worth saying about this online TV. Of course, there is the matter of efficiency.  The fact that one can listen to his favorite videos any time on the internet makes this station a must-have for very many people. Actually, the popularity of the TV is fast crossing national boundaries, into the international entertainment and information arena.

News and talks are the areas of specialization for this station. This RTK station does not translate Albanian into other languages when it is bringing live coverage during Assembly of Kosovo proceedings. It is the policy of the TV station that all journalists work together in all news desks regardless of language barriers in order to ensure that the newsrooms are hubs of accurately reported news.

The RTK shares many facilities with many other stations that operate under the same umbrella, but on slightly different matters. The TV has been in the forefront in ensuring that there is unity even at times when territorial disputed threatened the future of the country.

The TV has been a very trusted source of information on minority groups living in the country. Foreign policymakers have always looked upon this station to offer balanced news, commentaries and talk shows that highlight the realities of the Albanian people. The other minority languages that exist in Albania are Turkish, Serbian, Roma and Bosnian. In order to incorporate these minorities in the news, the TV often focuses on discussions on news magazines that provide multi-ethnic news. Sylejman Shaqiri is the producer in charge of focus on minority programs.

RTK 1 Vijesti


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RTK 1 Vijesti
RTK 1 Vijesti - Online TV channel From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
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Language Albanian
Speed 40
Sound Mono
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Station type News/Talk
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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