Station Name: RTK 1 Mozaik

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

One of the best TV stations in Albania is RTK 1 Mozaik, which is based in Tirana. This station has been at the center of issues that affect the Kosovo people since its inception. The station has become one of the best institutions that make these people feel that they have a sense of nationhood.

Many surveys have been done in the past, which relate to the effectiveness of RTK Mozaik in achieving national integration. This TV focuses on news and talks. This is how it has been able to bring on the discussion table, issues relating to armed conflicts, unemployment and civil unrest. The issue of political and economic oppression of minorities has also featured a lot in many forums that have been aired in the past on this television. In case you would like to revisit these broadcasts, you can do so online.

The station focuses on the broadcasting needs of minority as well as majority groups, only that more emphasis is put on the need to recognize the important role that minorities play in contributing to national cohesion. The station targets about 200,000 Kosovo people on its satellite broadcasting systems while it targets million more people through online broadcasting. In this country, minorities consist of 10% of the entire population and include Turks, Serbs and Roma among many others.

There is no better way that that hardships being faced by minorities have been addressed then through RTK 1 Mozaik. Although this station has in many times found itself in the middle of politics, many observers say that it has succeeded in laying bare the truth as it is on the political cultural culture of the country, its weaknesses and the remedial measures that ought to be taken for the good of all people. Political debates, documentaries, breaking news and editorials are an integral part of Mozaik’s daily broadcasts.

RTK 1 Mozaik


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RTK 1 Mozaik
RTK 1 Mozaik - Online TV channel From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
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Language Albanian
Speed 40
Sound Mono
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Station type News/Talk
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