Station Name: RTK 1 Mostovi

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

RTK 1 Mostovi TV broadcasts online and as well as through ordinary transmission systems, from Tirana City in Albania. Many developments on programming have taken place since 2002. During this time, many regulatory frameworks were put in place that would ensure that quality transmission of programs reached viewers all over the country and across the world.

It is against the backdrop of long-term development planning that the station is now able to offer online programs. In other words, RTK 1 Mostovi is not a fully-fledged online TV. The multimedia power of online broadcasting has extended the task of bringing about creativity to the audiences, who now have the power to change the viewing experience to suit their specific needs. Here we are talking about ability to select programs, stream videos, view programs that were broadcast in the past as well as share critical new shots and clips with other online views.

Success at RTK 1 Mostovi TV has not come easily. It has taken the company great efforts at self-regulation, especially in a country where ethnic politics in the past have resulted in polarization and volatility.

Mostovi started in 2002 as merely a weekly program known as “Mirëmëngjesi Kosovë”. It was broadcast in the Bosnian language. With time, other programs were introduced. Basically, programming is always done with a view to enlighten and entertain the public. With time, professionalism has seen the station grow significantly. This growth has even triggered the developments in the radio segment. The radio is also airing its programs live on the internet.

In truth, the history of RTK 1 Mostovi TV is short but ample. The TV is part of the crucial RTK institution that unites the Albanian people today. The institution will continue to do the same in the future. Today, RTK is a symbol of Kosovo’s ethnic and social integration as well as political pluralism.

RTK 1 Mostovi


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RTK 1 Mostovi
RTK 1 Mostovi - Online TV channel From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
City Tirana
Language Albanian
Speed 40
Sound Mono
Radio/TV TV
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Station type News/Talk
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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