Station Name: RTK 1 Info 17:00

Internet Radio stations and Television From: Albania

RTK 1 Info 17:00 is an Albanian television station, based in Tirana, that offer broadcast content in the Albanian language. This station also offers an online portal where viewers can catch up on programs that they like. The programs, which are always available to viewers on demand, can be streamed in high quality mono sound system, at a 40-scale speed. This is a sports TV station that covers a very wide range of sporting matters that are global in nature.

As the world enters into the era of digital broadcasting, more and more TV stations are finding a way of ensuring an online presence. This station, like many other TV stations in Albania, has not been left behind.

The first step towards making the programs available online was designing a website that had the capability to handle video programming with a high level of efficiency. Digital transmission is a very expensive venture. For the time being, the station has only been able to provide stations on demand. Viewers can stream as many programs as they wish and then listen to them later, at their most appropriate time.

At last, people who love sports can choose what they want to listen to. As long as you understand Albanian, you can get the latest sports updates regardless of where you are in the world.

The domestic popularity of RTK 1 Info 17:00 can be said to be very high. However, things were not the same prior to 2004. Not many people knew much about the TV station prior to this time. Nowadays, with the acquisition of digital broadcasting equipment and a strong online presence, more and more people on the domestic and corporate fronts are feeling more and more comfortable identifying with this TV. The station also has a strong foreign popularity especially in the English-speaking European communities.

RTK 1 Info 17:00


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RTK 1 Info 17:00
RTK 1 Info 17:00 - Online TV channel From :: Albania
Country/State Albania
City Tirana
Language Albanian
Speed 40
Sound Mono
Radio/TV TV
Live/On Demand On Demand
Station type Sports
Player Winamp /Quick Time / Other
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ScheduleRTK 1 Info 17:00Schedule Not Available
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