Refurbished Sirius Radios

When any device is returned to the manufacturer, because of a minor defect or for any other reason, the manufacturer will repair the defect, certify the product and re-sell it as a refurbished product. These refurbished products are sold at a discount, and in the United States it is illegal to sell a returned product as new. Sometimes products are returned even when the item does not have any problem in its performance, and maybe due to color or some other cosmetic reason. A refurbished product is as good as new, and the advantage in buying one, is that you get a good discount.

Sirius Satellite Radio service has become very popular in United States and Canada, and there is quite a bit of demand for satellite radios in the market. There are new models coming into the market at frequent intervals, and they are more sleek and compact with much better features. With such a huge turnover in satellite radios, there is bound to be, many returns as well, and these are refurbished and sold again. Refurbished Satellite Radios are sold at a discount, and you need not worry about the quality, as it will be certified by the manufacturer. Sirius not only has a 30-day return policy on refurbished radios, but also gives you a 12-month warranty. The rebate will range between $30 to $80, less than the regular prices. So if you have not yet subscribed to Sirius Satellite Radio, you can go ahead and buy a Refurbished Sirius Radio, and can use the saved money on at least three months of subscription fees.

There are many places online, where you can find Refurbished Sirius Radios. The regular sites which are selling Sirius Satellite Radios will either have a separate section for refurbished units, of it will be mentioned in brackets “Factory Refurbished” under the model name. You just need to be patient and browse the various sites, until you find the refurbished model that you are looking for.

You will find Refurbished Sirius Radios on Amazon as well. For example a Refurbished Sirius Sporster Replay Radio is available for only $189.99 along with a Home kit bundle. The original price range is around $279.99, without the home kit. As you see this a fantastic bargain and you stand to gain more than $100. Also sometimes you will get free shipping offers on Amazon.

On there is a Refurbished Sirius Sporster Replay Standalone Receiver, for $59.99, and the original price is $79.99. If you browse the internet you will come across many such bargains on Refurbished Sirius Radios, and that too they are not some old models but the latest plug-and-play devices. You are sure to get the model you are looking for, as all manufacturers have a return policy on their new products, and many people return products for the slightest of reasons, and it could be even for a color that they did not like. Hence buying Refurbished Sirius Radios is always a good option and a chance to save quite a bit of money.