Record Satellite Radio

Satellite radio is popular because of its excellent programming content. The two satellite radio services in United States, XM and Sirius spend millions of dollars on deals with famous artistes and personalities, so that they can give you exclusive radio shows, that are not broadcasted anywhere else. Also their music channels have the best music of all genres, and you will find the latest hits as well as the golden oldies. Their talk shows are by famous personalities and discuss the most popular topics. There are shows which give you tips and guidelines on cookery, gardening and many other useful activities. With such a line up of programming content, anyone will want to Record Satellite Radio.

There are now many models of satellite radios that enable you to Record Satellite Radio. Most of the new varieties of the portable satellite radios have this feature. In fact this recording feature not only allows you to store your favourite programs but you can also pause, rewind and replay live radio broadcasts. Most of these latest models will let you record 50 hours of live satellite radio. The two famous XM models which let you Record Satellite Radio are the Pioneer Inno 2 and Delphi SkyFi3. The Inno is able to record 50 hours of programming content, while the Delphi has a 10 hour capacity. The Sirius models include Sirius Stiletto 2 and the Stiletto 100. Both these models are capable of recording 100 hours of programming.

Now both the satellite radio services are available on the internet as well. All the channels which are available on the radio are available on the net. If you already have a subscription you do not have to pay anything extra. Your computer is an excellent device to Record Satellite Radio with the right software. There are many such softwares available and most of them are free to download. One such software package is the Replay AV 8, which is available for $49.90. This software works on a Windows PC, and enables you to Record Satellite Radio content and save it in MP3 file format. You can then play these files on your PC, iPod or any MP3 player. This is a powerful software and has many other features, besides recording live satellite radio.

Once you have downloaded and installed Replay AV 8, you can go to the recording wizard and the screen will show you various options. You can immediately start recording or you can schedule something to record later. If you want to schedule a recording it will again show you multiple options, of which there are two options for Sirius online and XM online. You can then click on the satellite radio you have subscribed for, and in another screen it will ask you the radio channel number, from which you would like to record. You can even find the channel by going to the Media guide which this software provides. Then you need to login to your satellite radio account, and then click on a button and the software will start recording your program in MP3 format.